Training In NDA Enough To Arm You With Requisite Skills You Will Require As Officers” – Brig Gen VU Okoro

Training in NDA Enough to Arm You With Requisite Skills You Will Require As Officers” – Brig Gen VU Okoro

Cadets of the Nigerian Defence Academy have been told that the training they receive at the Nigerian Defence Academy is sufficient to endow them with all the requisite skills and knowledge they would need to function as effective officers in the Nigerian Armed Forces.

This revelation was made by the Chief of Staff, Headquarters 1 Division Nigerian Army Kaduna, Brigadier General Valentine Uzochukwu Okoro, during the Cadets Brigade Regimental Dinner Night for cadets of Abbysinia and Burma Battalions, which held at NDA Cadets’ Mess, Afaka.

Brig Gen Valentine Okoro, who was the Special Guest of Honour at the occasion, charged the cadets to strive to excel in all their training activities while in the Academy so that they will be effective leaders in the armed forces and contribute their quota towards resolving the present malaise in plaguing the state of security in the country.

“Gentlemen cadets, you are therefore enjoined to make certain that you are fully-baked in all ramifications to accommodate the complex prevailing demands of our noble profession. It is in the spirit of the foregoing that I must remind you that you are obliged to be willing, able and ready to develop yourself above board. In the same vein, you must be prepared to go through the harder hurdles in your stay in the Academy in order to come out as fine officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.”

He added that, the cadets must leverage on the training opportunities the Academy offers them if they desire to be the best officers in future.

“In the past, I had believed that my 5 years in NDA was a period of sheer hell. However, with the benefits of hindsight, I have now learnt that those 5 years formed the golden era that helped shaped me into the officer that I am today”.

He also called on the cadets to imbibe the lessons of discipline and integrity they are being taught in NDA. “These are prime qualities that would sustain you in the Academy as well as in the officers corps”, he added.

Regimental Dinner Night is a social activity organized by the officers’ corps in accordance with laid down regimental procedure. The military places much premium on the hosting of regimental dinner night. It provides a good opportunity for instilling discipline, and training the officers to imbibe acceptable mess etiquette. It also provides an opportunity to interact with honorary members and well placed citizens of the local community. The Regimental Dinner Night for cadets of Abbysinia and Burna Battalions was aimed at familiarising the cadets with the procedures of Regimental Dinner Nights, as practiced in the Armed Forces.

The occasion was graced by Senior Military Officers, Senior Civilian Staff, officers and Cadets of the Academy.

High point of the event was the Presidential Loyal Toast, presentation of souvenir to the SGoH by the Cadets Brigade Commander (CBC), Brig Gen IB Maina and Conduct of the Academy Band by the SGoH. Sir, attached are some of the pictures of the event.