Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 75 Regular Course

Director of Coordination


The Office of the Director of Coordination (D Coord) was upgraded from a Principal Staff Officer position to that of a Directorate after the adoption of the Reviewed NDA Establishment of August 2007 in December 2009 by the NDA Council. The Directorate have 2 departments under its care. They are APRD and WPC.


The D Coord is the Chief Coordinator of military training and academics in the Nigerian Defence Academy in order to ensure synergy of efforts. The Office of the D Coord is  held by a Naval Officer with the established rank of Commodore.  The D Coord is assisted by a Staff Officer Grade 1 Coord (SO1 Coord).  The SO1 Coord (Army) is assisted by 3 x SO2 who are staff trained as shown below: 

    • SO2 (Coord)               -        Maj
    • SO2 (Mil)                      -        Lt Cdr
    • SO2 (Acad)                -        Sqn Ldr
  • The Directorate supervises the Academy Public Relations Department and the Works Production Centre.
    • Academy Public Relations Department. The Academy Public Relations Department is  responsible to the D Coord for all activities relating to public relations.  The Department is headed by a Public Relations Officer from the Army with the  established rank of  Lt Col.  
    • Work Production Centre. The Work Production Centre  (WPC) is responsible to the D Coord for all printing matters of the Academy.  The department is headed by an Army officer of  the established rank of Major.       


The functions of the Directorate include but not limited to:

  • Keeping records and coordinating the implementation and sustenance of NDA development plan.
  • Liaison and coordination of training and general staff resources with external organizations.
  • Monitoring the progress cadets on foreign training.
  • Liaison with DHQ/DIA and Embassies for foreign training slots as well as establishing and keeping contact with such Embassies in the interest of NDA.
  • Organising and coordinating all invitations to Academy activities including reception of Visitors/Guest Lecturer as well as courtesy calls.
  • Coordinating NDA official visits and tours to external organization for both Staff and Cadets.
  • Briefing of academy visitors and conducting them on tour.
  • Overseeing and processing applications for acquisition/renewal of International Passport and Visa for cadets and staff.
  • Overseeing the activities and operations of the WPC and APRD.
  • Notifying cadets’ NOKs of incidence of relegation, dismissal and death in consultation with the CBC.
  • Coordinating the preparation of NDA Calendar of Events in conjunction with all relevant branches/department.
  • Coordinating the activities of the DMT and Academic Branch to ensure synergy of efforts and resources.
  • Coordinating the assessment of Cadets in both Military training and Academics prior to the meeting of Academy Board.
  • Liaison with all Departments/Branches to ensure harmony in the day–to-day execution of Comdt’s directives.
  • Any other responsibility that shall be assigned by the Comdt from time to time.




Serial Rank Name Period
(a) (b) (c ) (d) (e)
1. Col GG   Umo 23 MAY 01 02 AUG 02
2. Col IG     Bauka 02 AUG 02 07 JUL 03
3. Capt(NN) EJ      Osabuohien 07 JUL 03 30 AUG 04
4. Capt(NN) AA    Dacosta 30 AUG 04 06 OCT 04
5. Capt(NN) GA   Ohuabunwa 01 NOV 04 26 SEP 05
6. Capt(NN) GN   Alily 26 SEP 05 28 AUG 06
7. Capt (NN) NP     Agholor 28 AUG 06 25 AUG 08
8. Capt(NN) KB     Ati-John 25 AUG 08 29 DEC  08
9. Cdre KB     Ati-John 30 DEC 08 09 SEP 09
10. Cdre SI       Alade 22 SEP 09 03 DEC 09


Serial Rank Name Period
(a) (b) (c ) (d) (e)
1. Cdre SI       Alade 04 DEC 09 03 NOV 10
2. Cdre PO    Oraka 03 NOV 10 28 MAR 11
3. Cdre OC   Medani 28 MAR 11 03 JUL 12
4. Cdre SO    Ojediran 03 JUL 12 20 JAN 14
5. Cdre AO   Suleiman 20 JAN 14 20 NOV 14
6. R/Adm AO   Suleiman 20 NOV 14 22 DEC 14
7. Cdre YB     Wambai 22 DEC 14 16 SEP 15
8. Cdre MI     Lekwot 16 SEP 15 02 NOV 15
9. Cdre MA   Eno 02 NOV 15 08 OCT 16
10. Cdre AO   Adaji 09 OCT 16 06 NOV 17
11. Cdre BE     Oluwagbamila 07 NOV 17 23 APR 19
12. Cdre CD    Okehie 23 APR 19 09 JUN 20
13. Cdre EO    Nmoyem 09 JUN 20 6  APR 21
14. Cdre PE     Efedue 6 APR 21 Till Date