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Welcome To The Nigerian Defence Academy School of Postgraduate Studies


Twenty years after the commencement of the Degree programmes at the Nigerian Defence Academy, the Academy Council in 2004 approved the establishment of the Postgraduate School. The official opening of the school was performed on 24th September 2005 by His Excellency, President Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) Commander -in- Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria. In attendance at the official opening was Professor Peter Okebukola (OFR) the then Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC). Recognizing the greatness and capacity of the NDA as the pioneer Military University in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Federal Government in 2009 inaugurated the PG School into an integrated campus and directed the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund) to rehabilitate and equip it with world-class facilities. As a unique campus hosting only PG programmes, it was renamed Ribadu campus in 2016 after the first indigenous Nigerian Minister of Defence, Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu.


The overarching goal of the Postgraduate School – as embedded in the broader mission of NDA as a military university – is to “raise the capacity for research knowledge, innovation and creativity to nurture first class mentality”. With this main goal, postgraduate study develops in the graduate student the spirit of enquiry through training in research in an atmosphere of intellectual independence and individual creativity combined with a strong sense of teamwork. In pursuit of this goal, lecturers and students constitute an integrated team in a well-defined and purposeful endeavour of providing high quality education with special emphasis on military science, technology, strategic studies and national development. Accordingly, the postgraduate studies seek to promote the twin goals of imparting academic knowledge and practical orientation by providing:
a. High quality training in research at Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels for military personnel and civilians;
b. Opportunity for improving and upgrading the existing and potential high level human resources needed for planning, implementation and improvement of productivity and performance in the Armed Forces in particular and the society in general.


  • Dean of Posgraduate studies
  • Deputy Dean of Postgraduate studies
  • Assistant Dean Postgraduate studies



A candidate seeking admission into any postgraduate programme of the NDA must:

•    Purchase and complete the application form and submit same to the Postgraduate School, within the time
     and in the manner specified in the advertisement;
•    Submit along with the application form, copies of all relevant credentials as specified in the
•    Submit the names of three referees, two of whom must be in a position to provide academic information on
     the suitability of the candidate to pursue the proposed course;
•    Ensure that the referees return the reports directly to the Postgraduate School;
•    Ensure that the transcripts of his/her academic records reach the Postgraduate School within the
     stipulated period.


The requirements for the various programmes are as follows:

Postgraduate Diploma
• Candidates applying for the Postgraduate Diploma Programme must possess a Bachelor degree from the Nigcrian Defence Academy or any other recognized University;
• Higher National Diploma (with a minimum of Lower Credit pass), provided the academy matriculation requirement is satisfied.

Master’s Degree
•      A candidate seeking admission into the Master’s degree Programme shall be a graduate of the Nigeria                       Defence Academy or any other recognized University and possess a minimum of Second Class Honours                   (Lower  Division) in the relevant discipline.
•      A candidate with a minimum of GPA not less than 4.0 (on a scale of5) grade at postgraduate diploma from the           Academy may also be admitted to Masters Degree programmme or GPA of 3 .50 or 8 grade for a professional           Masters Degree programme.

MPhil/PhD Degree Programme
•    This programme is available to candidates who score less than CGPA of3.5 (but not below 3.2) on a 5-point               scale or an equivalent of60%. The programme is full-time and runs for a minimum of 12 calendar months and a         maximum period of 24 months. MPhil/PhD candidates arc expected to write and submit a dissertation at           the end of the programme. Candidates with satisfactory performance at the end of MPhil programme may be upgraded to PhD.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
•     A candidate for PhD degree must possess a Bachelor’s degree (minimum of Second Class Honours, Lower               Division) and an academic Master’s degree in a relevant discipline with a minimum CG PA of 3.50 or B grade in         appropriate area of study from Nigerian Defence Academy or any other reorganized university.