Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course

Faculty of Science


The Faculty of Science (FS) was established in 1985 as one of the foundation degree-awarding Faculties of the Nigerian Defence Academy.  It commenced activities with 4 Departments, namely; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.  Later on the Department of Biotechnology was added to the Faculty.  The Faculty has five (5) operational Departments at the moment.  These are Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematical and Physics.  The first set of cadets for the Department were admitted during the 2020/2021 Academic Session.  All these Departments are manned by HODs that report directly to the Dean, FS.  The five Departments are mainly involved in the basic University teaching and supervision and run MSc, PhD and some PGD Programmes in the various disciplines.


The Faculty of Science is to provide each Officer Cadet with the requisite scientific knowledge through outstanding pedagogy and ground-breaking research.


The Faculty of Science envisions the production of great military officers that apply conceptual and methodological approach to solving defence issues via the teaching of theories, researches and practices.


The Faculty of Science is to train and develop the mind of Cadet Officers towards solving military issues through a scientific approach in tandem with the culture and character of the Nigerian Military.


The various departments in the Faculty of Science, are keyed into the cardinal objective of the Nigerian University System i.e teaching, research and community service. The Faculty facilitates and executes the NUC Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standard (CCMAS) established for the teaching of these subjects and disciplines.  The Faculty over the years has carried out these programmes and has graduated cadets in these various disciplines starting from the 36RC to 69RC.  The Faculty is to ensure that cadets receive the number of credit loads specified by the guidelines with competent lecturers are employed to carry out these activities.  The Faculty of Science has been doing its best to make sure that the onerous task of producing high quality professional officer cadets for the Nigerian Armed Forces is maintained.

In addition to the above, the academic and technical staff in each of the Departments report directly to the HODs on all matters relating to the teaching, supervision and other activities of the teaching profession.  The HODs finally report to the Dean of the Faculty for onward transmission to the appropriate authorities.  The HODs have to ensure that staff report to their duties, do their teachings and ensure that adequate laboratory classes are mounted for the cadets.  Examinations are taken on schedule and results computed for consideration at various levels.  Results are also processed based on existing guidelines and presented for Senate approval.  Committees such as Curriculum, Welfare, Seminar and Examination are set up and supported to discharge their duties for effective administration of the departments.  All the committees are put in place and made to carry out their assignments effectively.  HODs take part in the consideration and approval of examination results and are members of the Senate.  They also administer, advise and supervise the departments in all its ramifications.


The Departmental listing in the Faculty of Science is as follows:

a. Department of Biological Sciences
b. Department of Biotechnology
c. Department of Chemistry
d. Department of Mathematical Sciences
e. Department of Physics


S/N Name Duration
1 Dr S Okwute Oct 1985 – Sep 1990
2 Dr EA Obot Oct 1990 – Sep 1995
3 Dr MN Agu Oct 1995 – Sep 1998
4 Prof GJ Ebukanson Oct 1998 – Sep 2000
5 Prof MN Agu Oct 2000 – Sep 2002
6 Prof GJ Ebukanson Oct 2002 – Sep 2004
7 Prof EC Kemdirim Oct 2004 – Sep 2008
8 Prof BC Onusiriuka Oct 2008 – Dec 2011
9 Prof SC Osuala Dec 2011 – Oct 2018
10 Prof JM Nwaedozie Nov 2018 – Jan 2022
11 Prof OA Babatunde    Jan 2022 to Date