NDA Consultancy Services

Professor Labaran Salihu

Managing Director of NDA Consultancy Services



The Nigerian Defence Academy Consultancy Services was incorporated in 2003 with skeletal services and it commenced business fully in 2010 by running professional academic programs. It provides training, capacity building in security, management and entrepreneurship to the private and public sectors. This it can do by leveraging on its unique advantages of having specialist knowledge provided by military and civilian experts. This unique admixture is present only at the NDA which is a premier military institution in Africa.

Objectives of NDA Consultancy Services

The Consult leverages on its core capability as a distinctive factor to earn a competitive advantage amongst its peer in the consulting industry. The core competence in security, management and entrepreneurship as a unique entity confers on it the capability to offer broad range solutions to the government and private sectors of the National and International economies. Accordingly, the Consult offers specialist services to the government and private sectors using a mix of military and civilian expertise.

Director of NDA Consultancy Services

The management of the Consult is led by Professor Labaran Salihu, who is the Managing Director. Salihu is a Professor of Organic Chemistry and a Fellow of Chemical Society of Nigeria. He has over 30 years of academic experience. He was instrumental to the establishment and operations of the NDA Consult. He is a Fellow of the Chemical Society of Nigeria. He served in various academic programs at the national level. Other administrative experiences include Examinations Officer at all levels, Head of Department, Director Academic Planning, Head of SERVICOM, Deputy MD Consult, Deputy Dean and Dean Faculty of Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, NDA respectively.

Chronicle of Command

The table below shows chronicle of the Directors of the Consultancy from inception:

1 Dr. SC Osuala Coordinator 2003 – 2010
2 Dr L Salihu Head Of Consult 2010 – 2011
3 Prof SC Osuala Head Of Consult 2011 – 2013
4 Maj Gen M Efeovbokhan MD 2015 – 2018
5 Gp Capt I Suleiman Ag GMD 2018 – 2019
6 Gp Capt I Yakubu Ag GMD 2019 – 2021
7 Prof L Salihu MD 2021 till Date