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Research Methodology Office (RMO)

ogbania caroline
Head, Centre for Critical Thinking, Teaching and Learning (CCTTL)


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The core mandates of universities the world over remain teaching, research and community service.  In this regard, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) established the Postgraduate School (PGS) in 2005 to coordinate the research programmes offered in the departments across the academic faculties of NDA. Since its establishment, the NDA PGS has continued to promote research and innovation through interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research. This is anticipated to be relevant, of high impact, contribute to civic/policy engagements, and enhance professional skills, as well as generate social, economic and cultural benefits and opportunities for all through enriching scholarly experiences. For the fulfilment of this highly desirable research impact for NDA community and the Nigerian society at large, the Academy sources competent research expertise, programmes and projects as well as students who would be positioned to achieve its core mandate. This is to address urgent local realities and national challenges through innovative, collaborative and sustainable research ideas and methodologies.

Description and Objectives

The Research Methodology Office (RMO) was established in the Postgraduate School, Nigerian Defence Academy in June 2019 to coordinate the teaching and assessment of harmonized Research Methodology Courses for postgraduate students in all departments and faculties. Long term plan is to have these services cascaded down to undergraduate Officer Cadets. This brief is to provide the necessary information on the operational framework and programmes of the Research Methodology Courses in RMO. It is expected to guide students and staff who would participate in the programmes or guests who may wish to avail themselves of the services provided by the Office.


The Research Methodology Office is located within the premises of Postgraduate School in Ribadu Campus of NDA. It currently operates in the pre-existing facility which is being shared with MBA lecture room. The structure accommodates the Coordinators’ Office, 2 Support Staff offices and 5 Group Study Rooms (also used for small size workshops and conference syndicate sessions) as well as the Students’ Coffee Room and Staff Lounge.

Mission Statement

The Nigerian Defence Academy Research Methodology Office promotes the development of knowledge and skills that would build research capacity of NDA cadets and PG students, by facilitating deeper understanding and application of innovative modern research methods and practices. In line with the mission of NDA, the RMO shall sharpen the Academy’s strategic research priorities framework, enhance inclusive and fair research environment for students, and provide linkage between high quality and applied research, teaching methods and student experience towards preparing cadets and PGS students for professional leadership in defence and security research through research competence and skills.


The RMO would seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Offer workshops, webinars, online resources, conferences, and career guidance to help Cadets and PG students, lecturers and researchers design impactful professional research activities.
  2. Strengthen vibrant, inclusive, relevant, and sustainable research environment in NDA PGS and the entire Academy.
  3. Transform curriculum and student experience through Research Informed Teaching (RIT).
  4. Provide Capacity Building Workshops and Summits for interested researchers, institutions of higher learning and research institutes.


The vision of the Academy Research Methodology Office is to deliberately promote wide-ranging knowledge, intellectual abilities, techniques and professional standards necessary for effective research, as well as the personal attributes and skills to work with others towards ensuring wider impact of research


Programmes in the Academy RMO are organized along 2 strands:

  1. Doctoral Research programme:
  2. RSM 911: Research Philosophies
  3. RSM 921: Disciplinary Research Methods and Practices
  4. RSM 931: Research Portfolio Presentation
  5. Masters/MPhil Research Methodology Courses
  6. RSM 811: Advanced Research Methodology Course

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