Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Centre For Defence Studies And Documentation

Professor Usman A. Tar
Distinguished Endowed Professor of Defence and Security Studies
Director, Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation
Telephone: +234 (0)9051505052 


The Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation (CDSD) was established in 2006, to provide a flagship centre of excellence in defence and security studies through research and documentation of wars, conflicts, military campaigns and complex military operations. The Centre also seeks to provide a forum for scholars, experts, students, practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss issues and best practices on defence and security in Nigeria, Africa and the global arena. Situated in a serene campus of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) at Ribadu Campus, the premier institution for the training of officers for the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Centre is positioned to address the defence and security challenges that have become endemic and pervasive not only in Nigeria but in the entire world. 

CDSD’s core areas of research interest include:

  • Nigeria’s national defence and security

  • Defence Management and organisation

  • Defence industry and procurement

  • Documentation of complex military operations and low-intensity conflicts.

  • Memorials and biographies of “Our Heroes Past”

  • Military educational curriculum and pedagogy

  • New security challenges

  • Regional defence and security in Africa and elsewhere

  • International security


CDSD aims to become a resource base and research platform in Defence and Security Studies for administrators, educators, policy-practitioners, researchers, governmental and non-governmental organizations; and these will be founded on teaching and learning, theoretical and applied research, simulation and field exercises and pilot projects so as to enhance the peace and stability of Nigeria, Africa and the world.


The goals of the Centre are to:

  1. Provide an Academy flagship and “centre of excellence” for Defence and Security Studies and Documentation in Nigeria, Africa and globally.

  2. Conduct individual and collaborative research on various aspects of Defence and Security Studies, and publish the outcome of these researches.

  3. Generate, manage and disseminate data on defence, security and intelligence in Nigeria, Africa and global setting.

  4. Generate income on scholarly applied research in areas of interest to the Academy and the nation.

  5. Develop core skills and knowledge base in the spectrum of defence, the relationship between defence policy and practice, and the place of defence in national and international development.

  6. Assist in the development of military educational curriculum and pedagogy that can be used to enhance the skills of cadets, students and other specialist beneficiaries.

  7. Organise bespoke courses and mentoring programmes on defence and security for cadets, Postgraduate students, staff, stakeholders and strategic partners of the Academy.

  8. Organise short courses and certificate programmes for military, paramilitary, government and non-governmental agencies

  9. Provide a database on defence and security for researchers, students, and policy practitioners through computer applications and web technology.

  10. Provide a library and virtual learning facility for researchers, military personnel and policy practitioners in defence, security and intelligence

  11. Organise conferences, workshops and lecture series on Defence and Security Studies and Documentation.

Strategic Goals

Leveraging on NDA’s emerging agenda for institutional development, CDSD shall be driven by the following strategic goals:

(a)      Research and Development:

CDSD seeks to become a recognised leader in defence and security research to meet the development agenda of the Academy and the Armed Forces of Nigeria and the nation at large. CDSD will promote the highest standards of research and scholarship with the goal of becoming a reputable national, regional and global leader in the production and dissemination of high-impact, original, and appropriate research on defence and security issues for our clients.

The CDSD will place a strong emphasis on innovation, quality and integrity to create a stimulating and supportive academic environment that attracts high-quality, research active academic staff, research fellows and students who produce research consistent with the Academy’s norms, vision, values and strategic role as a tri-service military institution and a military-specialist university.

The CDSD will leverage the Academy’s emerging Research and Development Policy in terms of broad philosophy, research clusters, research monitoring and quality assurance. The Centre will actively engage our local and external linkages to muster productive, creative and cutting-edge research collaborations, and to ensure that the intellectual property and research output that the Centre generates feed into our teaching practice and meet broader needs of the Services, military units and formations and other friendly clients.

(b)      Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy:

(c)       Service Delivery

(d)      Income Generation

(f)        Partnership and Collaboration

Facilities And Resources

The Centre at present offers the following facilities:

  1. An E-library with over 486 e-books on defense, security, military strategy, operations, and tactics

  2. Report Room consisting governmental and non-governmental publications such as (a) National Assembly Debates (b) CBN Reports (c) Senate & House of Representatives Order Papers (d) Senate & House of Representatives Votes & Proceedings (e) Government White Paper Reports of Commission of Inquiry into some conflicts in parts of the country (f) Appropriation Bills from 2006- 2012.

  3. A Serial and Periodical Room that contains journals, bound copies of Newspapers, and Newspaper cuttings of important issues on the Nigerian landscape such as the Boko Haram phenomenon, Conflicts (both local and external), and Disasters: natural and man-made.

  4. Nigerian Civil War Project Desk collects published and unpublished resources and first-hand materials on the civil war. This facility also houses artifacts from the war such as Civil War Songs, Poems, and Memorabilia of the War and photographs of leading Civil War Veterans from both Nigeria and “Biafra”.

  5. Conference and Seminar facilities for events, courses and meetings.

Cdsd’s Staff

1.      Prof UA Tar Head CDSD
2.      Mr Gabriel Abang Administrative Officer
3.      Mrs Adetola Julianah Omolola Computer Operator
4.      Mr Mohammed Bashir Suleiman Driver
5.      Mal Babangida Mohammed Gardener
6.      Mrs Folashade Aregbesola Cleaner

Research Fellows

1.      Prof RA Dunmoye
2.      Prof Sunday A Ochoche
3.      Prof Kenneth Omeje
4.      Prof TA Adewuyi
5.      Assoc Prof Shackdam Wapmuk
6.      Dr. MS Lawal
7.      Dr. B. Ekpo
8.      Dr. J. Hussaini
9.      Dr Sunday Adejoh
10.   Capt Bashir Bala
11.   Mr. Samuel Ayegba
12.   Mr Bello Yekini

Chronicle of CDSD Directors

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)
1.      Assoc Prof IO Mbachu Oct 2008 Sept 2010
2.      Prof CN Ubah Sept 2010 Feb 2011
3.      Dr BE Mijah Feb 2011 Sept 2011
4.      Prof AA Lipede Sep 2011 May 2016
5.      Prof UA Tar May 2016