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Dr. UMAR, Lawal
Academy Librarian


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Academy Library, Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna – Nigeria. The library is committed to the realization of the overall vision, mission and programmes of the NDA. The library would support you in both academic and military training by providing an enabling learning environment to seamlessly locate, select and retrieve the information need.

The library resources and services have been systematically acquired, developed, and packaged to support the cadets, postgraduate students, faculty members, officers and civilian staff, researchers and scholars. The library is well stocked with relevant learning and research information resources in both print and electronic format. We offer you a variety of facilities and information resources and services online and offline. Our collective desire as a team of professionals and service providers is to make you comfortable, happy and above all highly satisfied. Our qualified and competent staff are highly motivated and always available to serve you better.

We look forward to partnering with you towards achieving your academic and military goals in the Nigerian Defence Academy.

Best regards

Umar Lawal, NCE, BLIS, MLS, PhD (ABU)

Academy Librarian

About Us

Historically, the NDA library is as old as the Academy itself. The Academy Library was established towards the end of 1963 to facilitate and enhance effective learning under the Nigerian Army Library Services (NAL). In 1985, when Nigerian Defence Academy was upgraded to a degree-awarding institution, the Nigerian Army Library Services (NALS) ceased to control the Library services.

The NDA main Library moved to the permanent site on 16 June 2009. Essentially, it was established to support and advance the frontiers of teaching, learning, research and military training by providing and facilitating access to scholarly information products and services. It serves as a hub or pivot upon which the successes of our Cadets, staff and Postgraduate students rest. The quality of teaching, learning and research is directly dependent on the robustness of the collections of the Academy library. The Library is a one storey building measuring 50 metres by 38 metres by 92 metres. It has a seating capacity of 214 and currently has over 40,000 volumes of assorted books and 950 local and foreign journal titles. There are also 4 Faculty Libraries, 16 Departmental Libraries and a Postgraduate School library. The Postgraduate School Library has about 10,447 volumes. Both Main Library and Postgraduate Library subscribes to a number of electronic databases containing journals and ebooks respectively. The library depends on the NDA wireless Internet service to provide information resources and services for the cadets, postgraduate students, faculty members, officers and other civilian staff of the Academy.

However, the Academy library management with the support of NDA HQ has been striving to reposition the library to cope with the dynamics of the information and communications technologies. The library had since been fully automated in which most of its major tasks and operations have been computerized using one of the best widely used library management software known as KOHA.


The mission of the Academy Library is to support and advance the frontiers of teaching, learning, research, and military training of the officer cadets, the military officers, faculty members, and other civilian staff at the Academy through the provision of relevant information resources, services, personnel, and state-of-the-Art equipment and facilities.


We will become a world-class learning Resource Center driven by innovative services, dynamic collections, and a conducive environment for learning, research, and military training of cadets, military officers, and faculty members.


The Academy Library intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • To select and acquire current and relevant information resources ranging from textbooks, journals, Audio and visual, databases, CDs and video recordings.

  • To provide access to a variety of electronic information resources via local area networks and the Internet.

  • To process, organize, preserve, secure and disseminate information resources to cadets, postgraduate students, faculty members, etc.

  • To create a conducive learning environment by facilitating access to and easy retrieval of information in the library.

  • To ensure the attainment of impactful NDA community outreach

  • To ensure the provision of quality and excellent library and information resources and services

  • To build a highly motivated, conscientious, and knowledgeable library staff.

  • To develop and maintain mutually beneficial networks and partnerships with relevant libraries, agencies of government and other Non-governmental organizations


The Academy library is open as follows:

  1. Academy Library (Permanent site)
  • Mon Fri : 0800hrs  2200hrs
  • Sat:            1000hrs  1800hrs
  • Sun & Pub Holidays: Closed

The Academy library is open as follows:

  1. Academy Library (Permanent site)
  • Mon  Fri : 0800hrs 2200hrs
  • Sat:       1000hrs  1800hrs
  • Sun & Pub Holidays: Closed
  1. Postgraduate School Library (Ribadu Campus)
  • Mon Fri : 0800hrs 1800hrs
  • Sat:       1000hrs  1800hrs
  • Sun & Pub Holidays: Closed
  • Mon Fri : 0800hrs 1800hrs
  • Sat:      1000hrs 1800hrs
  • Sun & Pub Holidays: Closed


As the Academy library thrives to realize its mission and vision, we commit ourselves to the following core values:

  • Equity of Access to Information
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Respect for the cadets and other library users
  • Staff development and training
  • Punctuality and regularity to work
  • Courtesy and Humility
  • Engagement and flexibility
  • Cleanliness of the interior and exterior environment


  • Technical Services Division
  • Collection Development Division
  • Reader Services Division
  • Reference Liaison Libraries Division
  • Serial Management Division
  • Information and Communications Technology Division
  • Museum and Archive


The server link &IP address will be provided- work in progress


The KOHA server link &IP address will be provided- work in progress


  • Information Literacy
  • Research and Bibliographic
  • Reference information services
  • Current Awareness Programmes
  • Media Services


  • Subscribed Databases
    1. Proquest
    2. Ebook Central

NB: relevant link will be provided for access to the above databases

  • Open Access Databases


  • Divisions/Units
  • PSL Resources
  • PSL Rules and regulations
  • Contact Us


  • Use of library resources policy
  • Computer use policy
  • Information Resource Development Policy
  • Code of conduct


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1 Mrs Halima Gambo Yusuf
2 Mrs Binta Abdul Sadiq
4 Mrs Ogechukwu .E. Chukwujama
5 Miss Aisha Ibrahim Mohammed