Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Directorate of ICT


The Directorate of Information and Communications Technology is the beehive of information and communication in the Nigerian Defence Academy.  The Directorate of ICT is responsible for the design and implementation of all NDA ICT programmes and project platforms.  The Directorate is headed by a Director from Air Force with the established rank of Air Commodore. The current Director of Information and communication technology is Air Cdre AI Hanidu.

The Director is currently been assisted by two officers: Sqn Ldr Joshua Chiwar (SOI CYBER) ,Flt Lt Okonkwo (SOII) and two senior civilian staff with an established appointment of Chief System Analyst(CSA) and Chief System Engineer (CSE). The CSA supervises all matters regarding software in the NDA. The current CSA is Miss Amaefula Angela. While The CSE Supervises all matters regarding hardware, equipment installations and maintenance in the NDA. The current CSE is Mr Awujoola Olalekan.

The Directorate comprises of seven (7) units and each is responsible to the Director of Information and Communication Technology for duties assigned to them to be carried out in favour of the Academy.

The units under the DICT are as follows:

  • Management Information System Unit: Management Information System is responsible for the development and maintenance of a database of information that will assist in decision making.  Provision of accurate and timely data for the mandatory reports as required by the authorities.  Assisting in research pertaining to Academic Administration and programme development as well as updating the academic websites. The unit is headed by senior civilian staff. The current head of MIS is Mr Segun Abioye.
  • Training and Support Unit: The unit is responsible for providing training and support for ICT staff, providing training and support for the internet and promoting awareness, cadets and personnel development and training, recording of appropriate educational resources and publicising the materials to the relevant units, E-learning training and support. The unit is headed by senior civilian staff. The current head of Training and support is Mrs Christiana Akusu.
  • Administration and Finance Unit: The unit is responsible for taking charge of all records pertaining to the directorate. Recommending passes/leaves.  Overseeing the welfare of the staff e.g promotion.  Liaising with the other head to streamline the administrative requirement of the directorate.  Taking charge of money allocated to the directorate.  Keeping the financial records of the directorate.  Disbursement of funds, monitoring and reporting the financial status of the directorate to the director. The unit is headed by the DICT admin officer (AO) with an established rank of FLT LT.
  • Network Infrastructure Unit: The unit is responsible for setting up the communication infrastructure to provide effective services. Estimating cost of system hardware changing including a competitive analysis of the future requirement.  Monitoring and reporting progress and network status to the director through the SO1 technical loading and updating software packages required etc. The unit is headed by senior civilian staff. The current head of the Network is Mr Abdulazeez Lawal.
  • Multimedia Services Unit: The unit is responsible for providing academic support and care to learners with learning difficulties and / disabilities e.g. sign language, interpret information.   Design, Manage and maintain a system of control and retrieval. Provide expertise and advice on the selection and acquisition of the learning environment. Deliver induction and demonstration sessions. The unit is headed by senior civilian staff and the current head is Mrs Olayinka Rachael Adelegan.
  • Equipment Maintenance and Support Services: The unit is responsible for the provision of operational support and maintenance of network equipment, competing devices and supervise the provision of telephone services and network.  Ensure the stability of both software and hardware performance in computer systems and accessories by handling various faults in time and maintain the stable operation of the system.  Maintaining and ongoing inventory of all the network devices.  Find and resolve the problems existing in network equipment and document network trends that are tracked by analysis.  Be responsible for the administration, specification and aggregation of the competing needs of the Academy’s department, unit and maintaining documentation computer laboratory/ e-learning centres etc.  The unit is  currently headed by Mr Henry Kolawole Michael And Mr Oradugba A Latty
  • NDA Drone squadron: The unit is responsible for providing training on drones, augmentation of security and coverage of events or exercises using the drone. The unit is headed by a senior civilian staff Mr Modibo Gidado.