Jamiu Yusuf Danga


Jamiu Yusuf Danga

Email:  jydanga@nda.edu.ng

Department of History and War Studies,

Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.


  1. Date of Birth: 09 Feb 1990
  2. LGA: Okene
  3. Nationality: Nigerian
  4. Marital Status: Married
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Contact: Department of History and War Studies, NDA Kaduna
  7. Date of First Appointment: 27th November 2019
  8. Present Salary Rank: ASST LECT, CONUASS 2 STEP 6


  1. Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management (CILRM)
  2. Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN)
  3. Lagos Studies Association (LSA)


  1. PhD Military History (yet to be Awaiting Result): Nigerian Defence Academy
  2.  2018 Master of Arts, History and International Studies: University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
  3. Ajaokuta Steel Company 1979-2007 (Unpublished MA thesis)
  4. 2014 Bachelor of Arts, History and International Studies: Kogi State University, Anyigba, Nigeria
  5. Ajaokuta Steel Company and Proletarianization of Peasants 1979-2004 (Unpublished BA thesis)
  6. 2008 Senior Secondary Certificate Examination 



  1. Member, NDA Strategic Retreat Committee March 2022
  2. Member, Faculty Examination Committee  March 2022
  3. Departmental Examination Officer Dec 2020


October 2020- March 2021

Centre for Global History, University York, United Kingdom

  1. Assisted a doctoral student of the centre to conduct archival research in National Archivals Kaduna on World Health Organisation (WHO) Western Sokoto malaria project. 



FCT Secondary Education Board- 

Government Secondary School Wuse , Zone 3, Abuja 

Dec 2015 to Nov 2019

Developed and implemented engaging curriculum aligned with student learning objectives and in adherence with state and district requirements.

  1. Conducted standardized assessments to evaluate student progress and assess effectiveness of program materials.
  2. Worked with students in group and individual environments to provide varied instruction styles for diverse learning modalities. 


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