HOD, Department of Defence and Security studies

1.      Name Isaac Ozoemenam Mbachu PhD, MA, PGD, BA.
2.      Department Dept. of Defence and Security Studies 
3.      Date and Place of Birth 6th August 1956; Njaba, Imo State 
4.      State of Origin Imo State
7. L.G.A Njaba
8. Nationality Nigerian
9. Marital status Married
10. Gender Male
11. Contact Address Dept. of Defence and Security Studies, NDA Kaduna
12. Date of First Appointment January 2006
13. Present Rank Professor



  1. PhD- Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, Nigeria Ph.D in Defence and Strategic Studies 2016 
  2. Mni- National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru near Jos mni in Policy and Strategic Studies 2004 
  3. PhD- Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy Magna Cum Laude in Political Philosophy/Theory 1985 
  4. MA- Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy Magna Cum Laude in Political Philosophy 1983 
  5. PGD- Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy Summa Cum Laude in Mass Communication 1982 
  6. BPhil (Hons.)- Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy Cum Laude in Philosophy 1981 
  7. Certificate- Universita Italiana per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy Certificate in Italian Language 1977 


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