Adeniyi Eniola Odupitan

Adeniyi Eniola Odupitan
DSS fdc MA MSc
Department of Political Science
  1. Name in Full: Odupitan, Eniola Adeniyi
  2. Department: Dept. of Political Science 
  3. Date and Place of Birth: 28/12/58
  4. State of Origin: Lagos
  5. L.G.A: Ikorudu
  6. Nationality: Nigerian 
  7. Marital status: Married 
  8. Gender: Male 
  9. Contact Address: Dept. of Political Science, NDA Kaduna  
  10. Date of First Appointment: July 2011 

Present Rank: Lecturer 11


  1. MSc- Lagos State University, Nigeria. Masters in International Relations and Strategic Studies 
  2. BSc- Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. BSc Political Science