Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Professor Usman A Tar

Professor Usman A Tar
Head of the Academy’s Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation
Nigerian Defence Academy


Usman A Tar is a Professor of Political Science and Defence Studies at the Nigerian Defence Academy. Prof Tar is the Head of the Academy’s Centre for Defence Studies and Documentation. Formerly, Associate Research Fellow at John and Elnora Ferguson Centre for Africa Studies (JEFCAS), University of Bradford, UK. He was also an Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics and International Relations and Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Kurdistan-Hewler, Northern Iraq.

Professor Tar’s teaching and research bias include International Relations, Security and strategic Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. In particular, Prof Tar has produced acclaimed work on globalisation, civil society, democracy, terrorism, insurgency, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, and the politics of information and communication technologies. He is a consultant for the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD, Nigeria), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP, Nigeria) and KonradAdaneurStiftung (German Development Fund). He is also a Resource Person to a host of local and international institutions.

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