Lecturer 1, Department of Defence and Security studies
     1.      Name Adejoh Sunday
     2.      Department Dept. of Defence and Security Studies 
     3.      Telephone +2348036411181
     4.      Date and Place of Birth 11th June 1984, Kaduna North, Kaduna State               
      5.      State of Origin Kogi State
      6. L.G.A Olamaboro
      7. Nationality Nigerian
      8. Marital status Married
     9. Gender Male
     10. Contact Address Dept. of Defence and Security Studies, NDA Kaduna
     11. Present Rank Lecturer 1
     12. Date of Appointment 26th November 2019



  1. Ph.D. Defence and Strategic Studies – Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna (2020)  

  2. MSc International Relations – University of Abuja (2013) 

  3. BSc Political Science – University of Abuja (2008) 

  4. Advance Certificate in Education – Veritas University, Abuja (2018) 

  5. SSCE – Imane Community Grammar School, Ankpa Kogi State (2002) 

  6. PSLCE – Army Children School, New Cantonment C Ribadu Kaduna (1996)


Selected Publications

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