Mr Ruwan Felix Ignatius Ibrahim

Mr Ruwan Felix Ignatius Ibrahim

Department of Psychology

Mobile No; 08160671283



RUWAN FELIX IGNATIUS IBRAHIM (Departmental Examination Officer, Departmental Secretary Board Meeting, 100 Level Students/Cadets Adviser) holds a B.Sc Psychology, 2010, Nasarawa State University Keffi; M.Sc & PhD Forensic And Correctional Psychology, 2016 & 2021 respectively from Nasarawa State University Keffi. He is a trained Forensic Psychologist working as a Lecturer II, researcher, and a community Service provider in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna. His Research interest includes; Psychological Profiling, Criminal Profiling, Violent Crime (Kidnapping, Criminal Conspiracy and Culpable Homicide), Personality and Crime. He is an Open-Minded Person, has passion for his job and always ready to learn. He is a Member of the Nigerian Psychological Association (MNPA) and Nigerian Association of Forensic Psychologists (MNAFP).


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