Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Saturday, 30th September, 2023, at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna commissioned a total of seven hundred and seven Officers into the Nigerian Armed Forces, compromising 349 Officers from the Nigerian Army, 109 Officers for the Nigerian Navy and 249 Officers from the Nigerian Air Force.

The President who was the Reviewing Officer for the Combined Passing Out Parade and Commissioning Ceremony for cadets of 70 Regular Course (RC), Direct Short Service Courses (DSSC ) 27 (Army) and 31 (Air Force) at the RSM Oliver Nzalgana Parade Ground and the Academy Auditorium, Afaka, respectively, was represented at the event by the Vice President, Senator Kashim Shettima.

President Tinubu, while addressing the Passing Out Cadets and other guests at the RSM Oliver Nzalgana Parade Ground, described the Passing Out Cadets as the Heroes of Nigeria’s path to Prosperity and Security.
The President expressed delight at the devotion and dignity with which the Nigerian Defence Academy and its valiant alumni have safeguarded the nation over the decades.

According to the President, the Passing Out Parade (POP) wasn’t just a ceremony to honour the cadets’ transition to a more active phase of duty to your fatherland, it also stood as a symbol of their enduring commitment to the idea of patriotism and investment in our human capacity.

Additionally, the Reviewing Officer declared that the solemn commitment to safeguarding Nigeria’s security hinges upon a crucial realisation that without vigilant attention to the very foundations and individuals who fortify order and stability, the promise to secure Nigeria becomes unattainable. He therefore praised the Nigerian Defence Academy for its proficiency in nurturing not just ordinary defenders but paragons of excellence, and for moulding both men and women who serve as vigilant protectors of our cherished nation.

“Since 1964, this institution has moulded the character, physique and intellect of valiant officers and academic specialists beyond the shores of this country. Year after year, we reaffirm that sound education is the ultimate security strategy, and our resilient Armed Forces are proof of this. There is international consensus on the quality of this Academy that has given a sense of purpose to alumni from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Togo, Sierra Leone, Niger Central Africa Republic, Chad and Burkina Faso”, he said.

President Tinubu further alluded that the future of Nigeria doesn’t only rest on young patriots but also on the curricula with which these warriors and scholars are formed. “If we must take centre stage on protecting our people, this Academy must access the support it requires to invest in scientific research and technological innovations and develop prototypes and concepts that align with the Federal Government’s local content policies. I am impressed by the sensitivity of the NDA Commandant, Maj Gen JO Ochai, the entire Staff and Officers of the Academy to understanding our place on the continent and why this government is committed to protecting the lives of the people and maintaining stability across the Continent”, he added.

On the state of Economy, the President acknowledged the consequences of economic and social integration and why the government formed bilateral and multilateral alliances to create opportunities for people. He disclosed that the government is implementing programmes and policies to empower every citizen to combat the challenges of poverty, criminality and terrorism. “From preparing for the food security crisis triggered by the Russian-Ukrainian war to responding to banditry attacks on farmers, natural flood disaster and the repercussions of military coups, this administration has remained vigilant in devising solutions to mitigate their impact and enhance national security”.
He further stated that the Nigerian government is embarking on a new era in national defence and security strategy that will be driven by a resolute commitment to confront the substantial threats and challenges that confront Nigeria within the West African Subregion.
To achieve this, the President disclosed, his administration has directed all Heads of Defence and Security Institutions to unite in their efforts to protect the nation’s integrity and wellbeing, noting that as Chairman of the ECOWAS, he is diligently working to enhance a regional conflict management and development mechanisms that will forge a path towards greater peace, stability and progress across West Africa and beyond.

Speaking on removal of subsidy, the President assured that the Federal Government has intensified efforts to implement tangible measures that would alleviate the hardships occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy and the unification of exchange rates. He enumerated some of the immediate actions taken by his government to include reducing taxes on strategic manufacturing industries, distributing grains from the national reserve to vulnerable demographics and providing soft loans to small and medium scale industries.

Conclusively, President Bola Tinubu described men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces as the true champions of Nigeria’s democracy who have consistently shown dedication to protecting the people’s freedom of choice. “It brings me great joy to extend a warm welcome to these young cadets as they join the ranks of these patriotic heroes. I also extend my congratulations to the Commandant and the entire Academy community for upholding this noble tradition”.

The Combined Passing Out Parade and Commissioning Ceremony for 70RC, DSSC 27 (Army) and 31 (Air Force) is a culmination of weeks of activities lined up to mark the end of the cadets training activities in the Academy and for meeting all the requirements for a Presidential Commission into the Nigerian Armed Forces.