Professor Ojong Echum Tangban

Professor Ojong Echum Tangban
Department of History and War Studies
Nigerian Defence Academy

Ojong Echum Tangban is a distinguished Professor of Socio-Economic and Military History. As a foundation academic and senior professor in the Department of History and War Studies, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, he contributed immensely in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and enshrined the tradition of dedication and commitment to duty through quality research, teaching and publication. His educational experiences spanned from University of Nigerian Nsukka (1977), University of Calabar (1982) and Ahmadu Bello University (1996) where he obtained BA, MA and PhD in History respectively. He is widely published in national and international journal with focus on socio-economic history, military history and Research Methodology.


Mainline Book:

  1. O.E Tangban, The Ejagham Under Colonial Rule: A Study of Socio-Economic and Political Changes, 1891 – 1961, Kaduna, Prudent Printing & Publishing, 2008
  2. O.E.  Tangban (Eds.) Nigeria Global Peace Support Operations 


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