Odunayo Oluwasanmi Oluwafemi

Odunayo Oluwasanmi Oluwafemi joined the Department of Psychology Nigeria Defence Academy from the Department of Psychology Nigeria Police Academy, where he was for ten years, starting his teaching career as a pioneer member of the department in an Assistant Lecturer position and exiting as Lecturer One. He attended Garki One Primary School, Area One, Garki-Abuja; and the Federal Government College Kwali-Abuja, for both his primary and secondary education. He bagged a second-class upper Bachelor of Science degree in General and Applied Psychology from the University of Jos; and a Master of Science degree in Social and Personality Psychology from the University of Ibadan. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Psychology at the University of Jos.

O.O. Oluwafemi is both a member of the Nigerian Psychological Association (MNPA) and the Nigerian Association of Social Psychologists. He has published academic research papers in both international and local journals on diverse psychological interests using police, police cadet and civilian populations.


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