The Nigerian Defence Academy has disclosed that it has redesigned its training curriculum for cadets in order to effectively combat insurgency and other contemporary security challenges bedevilling the country.This was disclosed by the Commandant NDA, Maj Gen IM Yusuf, when he fielded questions from journalists on Friday, 28 April during the Exercise Pre-Camp Highland for cadets of the 70 Regular Course, taking place at the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, Shere Hills Jos, Plateau State.

According to the Commandant, the review of the training curriculum became necessary because the security challenges that have plagued the country over the past decade are fundamentally different from those the Nigerian Army was trained to combat in the past. “Because of these emerging challenges, we have taken lessons from the operations in the field and we have used these lessons to review the curriculum so that the cadets, upon graduation, will hit the ground running, having been equipped with all the skills and competencies they require in line with the contemporary challenges in the country.” he said.

He reiterated that current curriculum endows each cadet of the Nigerian Defence Academy with the special skills, aptitudes, knowledge and physical capabilities they would require to function optimally in today’s battlefield.

“All the Cadets you see here have the capacity to jump out of an aircraft with their parachutes and carryout operations because they have all received the necessary training, and are capable of operating in any riverine area. Each of them you see here can swim with their rifle and boots to any location and conduct operations,” Maj Gen Yusuf said.

The Commandant further revealed that there will be no safe haven for trouble shooters by the time the current Army Cadets are integrated into the Nigeria Army.

Pre-Camp Highland is the precursor to Exercise Camp Highland, which is the final field training exercise for final year cadets of the Academy. It is a prerequisite for final year cadets of the Academy before their graduation and subsequent commissioning into the Nigerian Army.

Commenting on the exercise, Maj Gen IM Yusuf noted, “We bring the cadets here to explore their social skills, physical abilities and their cognitive skills as part of the overall development and training of the cadets”.