Chief Technologist

Department of Geography


Mr Sylvanus Helda Bernard is the Chief Technologist (Cartography/GIS/Remote Sensing) in the department of Geography, Nigerian Defence Academy and currently a PhD candidate in the department. His mainline works includes mapping with special reference to operations and training maps. Along with these, his thoughts and experiences as a cartographer/GIS/Remote Sensing technologist have appeared in several military maps and general interest (crime mapping). Helda has contributed several dozens of articles in both local and International Journals encompassing a range of subjects such as mapping and crime assessment. He has served in several capacity as a member of several professional (MNCA, GEOSON) and administrative and Technical (OFFA Master Plan, Kwara state) committees, association (Asst. Sec. Gen, NCA) and chapters (Chairman, NCA Kaduna State chapter) both within the Academy and across the state.

He is also a consultant (MICRO GIS) with several projects completed in the areas of military Operations and Training maps across several military formations in Nigeria, Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). Database creation and management of several projects spread across the country. Some of the tasks performed are; The revision (updating) and production of Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) operations maps. Master OPS Maps for different sectors of operations and AOPs, OPWP Master OPS Maps. Security and crime related maps.