Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course




Mogadishu Battalion has emerged winner of the just concluded Cadet Brigade Inter-Battalion Combat Swimming Competition for Army Cadets of 70 RC, which took place today 6 February 2023 at the NDA Swimming Pool, Afaka.The event saw Mogadishu Battalion emerge as the winner, carting away with the trophy, after recording a total of 460 points during the competition. Following closely, in the second position, was Abyssinia Battalion with a total of 400 points, while Dalet Battalion came in third with a total of 340 points and Burma Battalion trailed in the fourth position with a total of 200 Points.

The Combat Swimming event which is aimed at testing the endurance level of the cadets, encouraging teamwork, leadership skills and the spirit of sportsmanship among them was conducted in different categories: 60M Combat Swimming (with rifle), 60M Combat Swimming (without rifle) and the 120M Combat Swimming (without rifle). Others are 60M Combat Swimming (relay male), Floatation, Endurance Combat Swimming, 60M Combat Swimming (Female Category) and Tower jump.

Giving his remarks, the Commandant NDA, Maj Gen IM Yusuf, expressed satisfaction with the outstanding performance of the cadets during the competition. He reiterated that swimming is a vital skill that must be acquired by all cadets, noting that only cadets who are able to swim can hope to graduate from NDA.

Maj Gen Yusuf also used the occasion to charge the cadets to always maintain high morale at all time, especially in the field, for it comes with a lot of benefits. He further encouraged them to always imbibe the spirit of determination and hard work. He added that when they combine these two elements together they are bound to succeed. Finally, the Commandant emphasised the importance of grooming and mentorship in the Academy. He charged senior cadets to always ensure they groom and mentor their junior cadets.

Highlights of the event included, presentation of medals to deserving cadets who distinguished themselves in the course of the competition. Some of these cadets include: Cadet SA Udor of Mogadishu Battalion, Cadet IM Oyem of Mogadishu Battalion, Cadet ES Solomon of Abyssinia Battalion and Cadet BD Emus. The event also saw the presentation of trophy to the winning battalion.