Mogadishu Battalion Emerges Winner of Year 2021 Cadets Brigade Inter Battalion Obstacle Crossing Competition


The Cadets Brigade Inter-Battalion Obstacle Crossing Competition for the year 2021 has come to an end with Mogadishu Battalion recording the shortest total time to emerge winners of the competition.

The competition which took place today at the NDA Obstacle Course Afaka, is a major event in the cadets’ training activities in the Academy. The cadets Brigade Inter Battalion Obstacle Crossing competition is a combat- fitness oriented exercise aimed at testing the cadets’ capability at surmounting battle field Obstacles simulated by artificial station on the Obstacle Course. The exercise is also aimed at encouraging team work, building physical endurance, enhancing leadership attributes while engendering good team spirit and sportsmanship amongst the cadets. In today’s competition, a total of 250 cadets from each battalion, including 20 female cadets, participated in exercise. The obstacle apparatuses crossed by the cadets are Clear Jump, Gate Vault, barbedwire, 6/5ft wall, Ramp, High Wall, Hand- Bridge and River Niger. Others include Minefield, Scramble Net, Triple Hurdles, Vertical/ Horizontal Ropes and many more.

At the close of proceedings, Mogadishu Battalion, after completing the obstacle crossing course in a total time of 2hours, 41 minutes and 38seconds emerged in the 1st position. It was followed closely by Abyssinia Battalion, with a total time of 2hours, 42minutes and 38seconds. Dalet Battalion came in 3rd with a total time of 2hours, 45minutess and 23seconds, while Burma Battalion was 4th, having completed the course in 3hours 15minutes and 26seconds.

Delivering his remarks at the end of the competition, the Special Guest of Honour, Air Vice Marshal (AVM) JK Baba (rtd) described the competition as a sporting activity designed to train cadets on the skills of negotiating obstacles under adversary’s fire. He stressed that the benefits derivable from participating in obstacle crossing events are unquantifiable, adding that apart from enhancing cadets’ physical and mental wellbeing, it also gives them a platform to demonstrate their innate abilities to lead and exhibit good organizational skills.

AVM Baba noted that the cadets displayed professionalism and gallantry throughout the competition, even as he urged them to see the event as a unique opportunity to build their confidence, endurance and physique. He further added that competitions like Obstacle Crossing provide cadets with opportunities to appreciate the pitfalls they are likely to encounter ahead in their journey as officers.

Accordingly, AVM Baba emphasized the need for the Nigerian Defence Academy to continue to organise events and activites that enhance leadership qualities, teamwork and physical fitness among cadets. He congratulated the Mogadishu Battalion and urged them not to relent but improve steadily on their performance. He also encouraged the other battalions to work harder to achieve better results in future competitions.

During the event, some cadets won commendation for their speed, brilliance and dexterity in completing the obstacles apparatuses at a shorter time. In the male category, Cadet MA Oyelami of Abyssinia Battalion was awarded medal for completing the course in 11minutes 4 seconds. Next to him was Cadet CS Ayuba of Burma Battalion with a total time of 11minutes 29seconds. They were both followed by Cadet M Enyubala from Mogadishu Battalion, who came in at a time of 13 minutes 21 seconds. In the female category, Cadet MT Dawuk of Abyssinia Battalion clinched a medal for completing the course in 13 minutes 49 seconds, while Cadet FF Idiku of Burma Battalion, with a time of 14 minutes 34 seconds, and Cadet FC Omiyi of Dalet Battalion, with a time of 16 minutes 13 seconds, came in 2nd and 3rd overall best, respectively.

Highlights of the event include presentation of medals and trophies to the winners as well as souvenir to the Special Guest of Honour.
Sirs, attached are some of the pictures of the event.