Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course



Mogadishu Battalion has emerged winner of the 2023 Cadets Brigade Inter-Battalion Drill Competition which was held on 31 August 2023, at the NDA RSM Oliver Nzalgana Parade Ground, Afaka.

The Drill Competition which involved the four regular cadets battalions, namely, Mogadishu Battalion, Abyssinia Battalion, Dalet Battalion and Burma Battalion competed against each other in various aspects of military drills. The event is a major training activity in the NDA which seeks to help the cadets to build a team spirit, agility, resilience, tenacity and proper turnout among many valuable traits needed in their future military career.

Announcing the result at the end of the competition, the Chief Judge, Col IB Sheriff and also former Academy Adjutant, declared Mogadishu Battalion winners after the battalion garnered a total score of 4103, with an average score of 373. This is as 2nd position went to Dalet Battalion who collected a total score of 4332 points, with an average score of 359.8 and Burma Battalion emerged 3rd with a total score of 3945 and an average of 359.7. Abyssinia Battalion came 4th position with a total score of 3829 points and an average score of 329.3 after the day’s proceedings.

Delivering his speech after the announcement of results, the Special Guest of Honour (SGOH) Maj Gen OT Olutoye, disclosed that it was a privilege and honor for him to serve as the SGOH for the 2023 Cadets Brigade Inter-Battalion Drill Competition. He called on the cadets to note that the journey to excellence is not an easy task, but one which requires sacrifice, consistency of training and a strong spirit. He further added that proficiency in military drills provide a firm foundation for the cadets’ future military career and is a fundamental requirement for military service, noting also that it is the cornerstone of military discipline and the bedrock of any successful military career .

Speaking further, Maj Gen OT Olutoye revealed also that it was worthy of mention that military training at NDA has been one of the continuous evolution and adaptation to the ever changing landscape of security challenges because the reviewed curriculum focuses on elements that enhance individual skills, such as military training, watermanship, Airborne training and range management, among others. He noted that this was an affirmation of the Academy’s commitment to producing professional, adaptable military leaders.

The SGOH therefore Commended the Commandant NDA, Maj Gen JO Ochai, the Academy Adjutant, Lt Col MK Nyiam, Drill Instructors and the entire staff who worked tirelessly to make the event a huge success. He also commended the Chief Judge Col IB Sheriff and all members of the Panel of Judges.

The high point of the event was the presentation of the champion’s trophy to Mogadishu Battalion.