Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course

Miss Fiyinfoluwa Ajakaiye

Miss Fiyinfoluwa Ajakaiye
Lecturer, Computer Science Department
 Nigerian Defence Academy

Miss Fiyinfoluwa Ajakaiye  took a position in 2012 as Lecturer at the Nigerian Defence Academy within the Department of Comp Sc. She has a BSc in Software Engineering from Budapest University of Technology & Economics, Budapest, Hungary in June 2004, and an MSc in Computer Animation from the University of Westminster, United Kingdom in October 2007. Miss Ajakaiye is currently the Departmental Cadet Project/Seminar Coordinator. She is also the Chairperson Faculty Welfare Committee and member of Faculty Seminar and Public Lecture Series, FMSIS Research and Development Committee and FMSIS Newsletter Editorial Team.  Her research interests include sensor data gathering and analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning and computer vision. Her current research involves people recognition in video stream.

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