Maj Dr Tafida Rabiu Abubakar

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Maj Dr Tafida Rabiu Abubakar

Maj Dr Tafida Rabiu Abubakar currently works at the Department of Physics, Nigerian Defence Academy. Maj Tafida has the following Academic Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics, Master of Science Degree in Physics and PhD in Material Science Physics. Tafida is a Senior Lecturer/Head of NDA Quality Assurance Office and does research in Experimental Physics, Materials Physics and Materials Science. Their current project is Structural Elastic and Optical Properties of Zinc Tellurite Glass System Doped with Samarium Oxide, Samarium Oxide Nano Particles and silver Oxide using melt quenching method. The Senior Lecturer has more than eighteen local and international journal publications to his credit. He attended both local and international conferences. He is a member of Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP).

Languages: Hausa/Fulani

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