Kenneth OMEJE

Kenneth OMEJE
Professor, Department of Defence and Security studies
     1.      Name Kenneth OMEJE, PhD, MSc, PGDE, BSc 
      2.      Department Dept. of Defence and Security Studies 
      3.      Telephone T: +44-1274 734 713; M: +44-7443611852
      4.      Date and Place of Birth 24/05/1967
      5.      State of Origin
      7. L.G.A
      8. Nationality Nigerian
      9. Marital status Married
     10. Gender Male
     11. Contact Address Dept. of Defence and Security Studies, NDA Kaduna
     12. Present Rank Professor



  1. Ph.D. in Peace and Security Studies (2004), University of Bradford, UK. 
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Research Methods in Social Sciences (2002), University of Bradford, UK.
  3. MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, European University Centre for Peace Studies, StadtSchlaining, Austria (1995). 
  4. M.Sc. in Political Science (International Relations, 1991), University of Nigeria, Nsukka 
  5. B.Sc. in Political Science & Sociology (1987), University of Nigeria, Nsukka


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