Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Faculty of Engineering

dean FET
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 Dean Faculty of Engineering 


The approval for the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering was given by the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Board in 1988.  Admission into the Departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering started in September 1989 with 40 Regular Course (RC).  The Civil Engineering Department (CE) started in 1998 while the Department of Mechatronic Engineering (MCE) was created in 2020 with 72 RC.  The nomenclature of the Faculty was changed from Faculty of Engineering to Faculty of Engineering and Technology in 2018.  The Faculty thus has four (4) departments in all.  The four departments run undergraduate progammes for officer cadets only.  In addition, the CE, EEE and ME Departments run  postgraduate programmes up to Ph.D levels while the MCE is starting postgraduate Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering with the 2020/2021 admissions in 2021.


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is headed by the Dean.  He administers the Faculty in conjunction with the Committee of Heads of Department. The various standing Committees of the Faculty include Seminars, Time-Table, Examinations, Curriculum committees, Research and Development and the Faculty Board.  The main aim of the administration of the Faculty is to achieve the objectives of the Academy with regards to the academic training and mentoring of the cadets and the postgraduate students as outlined in the relevant documents and the directives emanating from the Academic Branch Headquarters


Functions Of The Faculty Of Engineering And Technology

The main functions of Academic staff in the Faculty include:

  • Teaching, Research and Community Service. The Faculty has carried out the above mentioned functions since inception. At the undergraduate level, the Faculty prepares Engineering cadets for Bachelors Engineering Honours degrees in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering.

  • Postgraduate. At the postgraduate level, a wide variety of programmes, both full-time (including Masters and PhDs) are available and open to military, para-military and civilian students.

  •  Produce quality officers with the required skills and competence to maintain, develop and produce hardware required for the advancement of the military and the Nigerian Society at large.

  •  Identify research projects by cadets/PG students and staff of the faculty so as to improve and develop them for patenting and marketing.

  •  To identify areas of common interest with other institution.

Research and Development

The Faculty is engaged in Research and Development (R&D) effort in both Military Hardware and equipment for civilian use. It has participated in many R&D exhibitions at local and National levels such as the Nigeria Army Research and Development Exhibition, the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMS&T) Research and Innovation Expo in Abuja where the Department of Mechanical Engineering won Second Position for the NDA amongst the tertiary institutions and Research Institutes that participated in the R&D competition . The Department of MCE also won 1st Position for the NDA in the Jaiz Bank Fightback COVID-19 Challenge for the NDA in 2020.

Departments In The Faculty

The Faculty is made up of four (4) departments as follows:

  • Department of Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Department of Mechatronic Engineering (MCE)


Chronicles of Deans

s/n Rank Name From To
1 Maj Gen BI Oteri Sep 88 Sep 93
2 Lt Col Balogun Sep 93 Feb 96
3 Professor A Salihi Feb 95 Oct 98
4 Lt Col UA Umar Oct 98 Apr 99
5 Sqn Ldr CO Usoh Apr 99 Mar 00
6 Wg Cdr CL Wamdeo Mar 00 Sep 02
7 Dr AS Daura Oct 02 Sep 04
8 Dr FOP Oriola Oct 04 Sep 08
9 Professor AK Oyinlola Oct 08 Feb 11
10 Dr FOP Oriola Feb 11 Sep 13
11 Assoc Professor OF Agboola Oct 13 Oct 16
12 Dr DS Nyitamen Oct 16 Jun 17
13 Associate Professor DS Nyitamen Jul 17 Oct 20
14 Professor DS Nyitamen Nov 20 Mar 21
15 Associate Professor DK Garba Apr 21 To date