The Department of Languages of the Nigerian Defence Academy  was  established in 1997  with the main  goal of  setting  up  degree  programmes in Arabic and French and  to render related services  to the Academy. The Federal Government’s initiative in this direction is both laudable and in accordance with the Universal requirement of effective Communication structure in any serious Military establishment, which needs linguistic competence for planning, strategy, intelligence and operations.

Multilingualism is a frontier, regional and continental need for the Nigeria nation, considering the country’s neighborhood structure and its role in Africa, a continent where Arabic and French along with English are the official linguistic vehicles of over ninety percent of the countries. Nigerian Armed Forces cannot adequately play its role without being effectively armed with sophisticated tools of multilingual communication.

Thus, while there is such corps in the forces focusing on various other specialized needs like Engineering, signaling, Intelligence, education, and so on, there ought to be a multilingual unit perhaps called the Linguistic Corps in all the services of the Armed forces to handle the issue of multilingual communication.

Nigerian Defence academy is the only Military University in the country and the main source of production of Military officers for all the three services of the Armed Forces, it is the right Milieu to cultivate these vital foundations necessary for the military.

The Department of languages is profoundly conscious of this need and has been playing its role in this regard since its establishment.

The Department has so far developed the administrative and curricular structures for running degree programmes in Arabic and French and has graduated more than forty officers who are now serving in various departments of the Armed Forces that include intelligence.

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