The Department of Civil Engineering DCE was established in 1997 after setting up the necessary facilities.

It is expected that a Cadet that has passed through the training programme in Civil Engineering CE shall be able to:

a. conceive, design and develop CE structures, facilities and equipment for military and/or civilian applications;

b. supervise the construction, emplacement and installation of CE projects;

c. monitor, assess evaluate and cost CE projects;

d. supervise the maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of CE projects;

e. adopt and adapt exogenous technologies to the provision of the needs of the Armed Forces in CE and related fields;

f. provide technical and management leadership for the needs of the Armed Forces in CE and related fields and

g. apply the fundamental principles and methods of analysis, design and evaluation in the development and modification of war time facilities to peace time utilization and vice versa.

The DCE is blessed with young and talented lecturers in the various sub disciplines of Civil Engineering as Structures, Geotechnics, Highway and Transportation, Water Resources, Environment and Land Surveying. From inception the DCE has been variously headed by seasoned and registered engineers who have contributed immensely into the services of the nation in general and the Nigerian Society of Engineers.


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