The Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) is blessed with young and talented lecturers in the various sub disciplines of Civil Engineering as Structures, Geotechnics, Highway and Transportation, Water Resources, Environment and Land Surveying. From inception the DCE has been variously headed by seasoned and registered engineers who have contributed immensely into the services of the nation in general and the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

 The Lecturer: Cadet Ratio in terms of permanent staff is 1:4. This high ratio ensures effective supervision of Cadets’ assignment and projects and promotes adequate contacts between lecturers and cadets for effective counseling.


The DCE aspires to be able to accomplish the following within the next three years and efforts are in place

a. Engineering Education Delivery via www to military personnel using the existing ICT Centre which is rapidly being expanded

b. Software development

c. System modeling and simulation

d. Interactive 3D applications

e. Satellite imagery reception, analysis and situation deductions

f. Man-machine Interface (MMI)

g. High Temperature Gas Clean up and Catalysis Research

h. Artificial Intelligence and Neural Nets

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