The role of the Engineering profession in the military in providing the Armed Forces the capability to live, move and fight through the provision of living accommodation in the barracks and shelter in the field, water, electricity, transportation, opening of routes, construction of roads, helipads, maintenance and repair of military hardware to fight battle cannot be over emphasized.
    This important role prompted the need to produce the required manpower through the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering in the Nigerian Defence Academy.  The Faculty came into existence during the 1989/1990 Academic Session with the establishment of the Departments of Electrical/Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.  With the success of these two Departments, the Department of Civil Engineering was also established in 1997.
    Since inception, the Faculty has continued to meet up to its established role of providing the military with the required manpower.  This involves imparting the Officer Cadets with knowledge, skills and values through academic training and character development.  Today, some of the products of the Faculty have acquired higher degrees up to Doctorate level.
    In addition, the Faculty started Post Graduate programmes at PGD, Masters and Doctorate degree levels in 1997 and has since started graduating PG students.
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