Physics is the universal bedrock of science and Engineering.  It has wide application in all spheres of life.  It’s applicability to the military cannot be mitigated.  Some of the core courses that are directly related to the military include inter alias.


(a)        Nuclear/Radiation Physics: - Useful for both peaceful purpose and modern way of warfare.

(b)        Lasers and Masers:- A modern tool for detection and homing

(c)      Atmospheric/Astro Physics: - The study of the atmosphere and its composition enhances better performance of the Air force.

(d)        Projectiles: - Analyze targeting and Ranging (target acquisition and ranging).

(e)       Computational and Numerical Methods: - Ensures indepth knowledge and use of computers and is a vital tool in ICT.

(f)        Environmental Science:  The simulation of military noise/signals.

(g)       Electronics: - Lays emphasis on Electronic warfare and the rule of the game.

(h)      Mechanics and Properties of Matter: - For mechanical check up and build up of military vehicles and the strength of materials.

(i)      Military Physics: - Discusses fuses, explosives, missiles, mines, space shuttles and different types of bombs.  It is a military course.

(j)      Marine Physics and Oceanography Deals with the ocean, Submarines and Navigation.  It is vital for the Navy.


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