Biological Sciences

Biology as a Science, is highly relevant to military career. The B.Sc Biological Sciences Programme is aimed at producing military officers with a high mental awareness, and capabilities to appreciate and identify with the impact of Biological Sciences and Technology in modern day warfare. Courses offered by the department cover every areas of Biology, with emphasis on its special applications to the military. The curriculum was designed to achieve this objective. Examples of course with particular application to the military include:

- Military Aquatic & Pollution Biology

- Military Mycology

- Military immunology and Immunochemistry

- Applied military Biology

- Military Soil Science

- Military Biotechnology

- Hazardous military materials management

- Current Issues in military Biology

- Military Research methods

- Military Parasitology

- Military molecular Biology

- Biological Warfare

- Military Hydrobiology

- Military medical microbiology and military toxicology
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