H.O.D's Profile



1.    BIO DATA
i.    Marital Status:        Married with children.
ii.    Place of Birth:        Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
iii.    Address:               4 Botswana Crescent, Barnawa, Kaduna.
iv.    Postal Address:    P O Box 3176, Yakubu Gowon Way,
vi.    E-mail:                    mikeoladejo2003@yahoo.com

vii.    Hobbies                 Reading, Games Watching Nature and Travelling.


i.    Operation Research/Systems Analysis.
ii.    Combat Strategy.
iii.    Census Survey/Feasibility Study.
iv.    Statistical Inference/Opinion Poll
v.    Simulation.
vi.    Modeling Systems.


i.    Township Primary School, Jos, Pry Cert      1963-1969.
ii    Boys Secondary School (BSS) Gindiri via Jos  WASC    1970 – 1974.
iii    University of Ibadan (UI), Ibadan - BSc (Hons), 21 Jul 1976 - 1980 –  Statistics.
iv.    University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Nsukka – MSc,  –  Statistics/Operations Research / Industrial Engineering.     Oct 1981 - 1982
v.    University of Benin (UNIBEN), Benin City    -   PhD, – Statistics/ OR / Industrial Engineering.     Sep 1991 - 1995
vi.    NTI – Kaduna – PGDE –     2009.


i.    Basic and Divisional, ONURA                    1984.
ii.    Officer Long Course 6, Above Water Warfare (AWW) QUORRA    1997.
iii.    Junior Division 44, Jaji                        1997.
iv.    Divisional Officer Awareness, QUORRA                1998.
v.    Basic Computer QUORRA                        1998.
vi.    Senior Division Command and Staff College (CSC 23 Jaji)        2001.
vii.    Naval Police Training Seminars, NNS QUORRA (Rapateur)    1999.
viii.    First International Conference on Military Operations Research, NDA Kaduna Aug   2006.
ix.    NDA 2009 National Discourse: Global Peace Keeping, 21 Jul 2009.


i.    WAEC Examiner                    -    Jun 1982 - 1983
ii.    Mathematics Instructor, Onne PH            -    Jun 84 – Jun 88.
iii.    Officer In Charge Library, Onne PH            -    86 – 88.
iv.    Mathematics Lecturer, NDA, Kaduna (University)    -    Jun 88 – Sept 95.
v.    Mathematics Instructor/Programme coordinator, Sapele    -Sept 95 – Jul 96.
vi.    Staff Officer 2 Research and Development.
         Head Quarters Naval Training Command, Apapa    -    Jul 96 – Sept 99.
vii.    Mathematics Lecturer, NDA, Kaduna (University)    -    Sept 99 – Aug 2000.
viii.    Executive Officer, Nigerian Navy Secondary School Abeokuta     -Aug 2001 – Jul 2003.
ix.    Mathematics Instructor, NDA, Kaduna (University)     -Jul 2003 – Sept 2007.
x.    Head of Department, Mathematics Department, NDA, Kaduna (University)-            Oct 2003–Sept 07.
xi.    Assessor KAD POLY Journal – SPECTRUM, 1993
xii.    Assessor NDA Journal of Defence Studies.
xiii    Raporteur NN Police Training Seminar 1999 NNS QUORRA.
xiv.    Raporteur Commandant Annual Lecture 2007.
xv    Resource Person CONSAC 98 Abeokuta.
xvi.    Chairman Environmental Sanitation Task Force OTELGA, 1987.
xvii    Chairman Cooperative Association NNSSA 2002.
xviii    Chairman Exam Malpractices Committee (NDA) 2006.
xix    Chairman Laboratory/Workshop Equipment Status Verification Committee.
xx    Chairman of Various Investigative Committees, in NDA
xxi     Member of Various NDA POP Sub-Committees.
xxii    Member Organizing Committee of 1st NDA International Conference on Military Operation Research 2006.
xxiii    Member NDA ICT Policy Formulation and Implementation , April  2007.
xxiv.    Member Organizing Committee NDA 2009 National Discourse: Global Peace Keeping, Jul   2009.
xxv.    Reviewer of journal articles in European Journal of Operations Research (EJOR), Feb   2009.
xxvi    HOD Math/Comp Se Dept NDA, Nov 2011 till date.
xxvii    Reviewer of Journal articles, in Blackwell Journal (2012)
xxviii    Reviewer – Earth Science Research Journal June 2014-08-25
xxix    Editor-Asian Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering Aug 2014.


i.    Forces Services Star, (FSS).
ii.    Meritorious Service Star, (MSS).
iii.    psc.


i.    Iyang S, Jumare MM, Oladejo MO, A geographic analysis of troop’s concentration points and deployment route in Eastern Nigerian, Defence Studies 1, Vol. 6, No 1, Jul 1996.
ii.    Iyang S, Oladejo MO, An evaluation of spatial structural stability of regression coefficient applied to hinter land studies in Nigerian, NJTE, Vol. 12, 1& 2 1995.
iii.    Oladejo MO, Ezigbo-esere MN, Ovuworie GC, Arrows Impossibility Theorem – Applied to Judgemental Assignments, NJEM, Vol.7, No 4 Oct-Dec 2006.
iv.    Oladejo MO, Mathematics for Capacity Building – AJOSIE, Vol. 2, no 2, Nov     2006.
v.    Oladejo MO, Ovuworie GC, Adequacy of C I Models for Military Training. – NJISS, Vol. 6, No 4. 2007.
vi.    Oladejo MO, Redundancy Consideration for Minimization of Manpower waste in NN GL, NDAJODS, Vol. 15 (July, 2008) pp 1 – 17.
vii.    Oladejo MO Modelling Waste Reduction on Manpower by the application of redundancy assessment technique in NNSSA, - IJADS, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2012.
viii.    Oladejo MO. Redundancy Consideration for Minimization of Material Waste in NN Ship, NDAJODS, Vol 17 Feb 2012.
ix.    Oladejo MO, Okafor UL, Modelling Cadets Sick Parade Using Seasonal Time Series Decomposition For Planning, Admin and. Funding/Budgeting: A Case Study of the NDA Medical Centre, Kaduna, Cadet Outpatient Department. - JOAMP Vol., 14, May 2009.
x.    Oladejo MO, Alhaji BB, Irhebhude M, Profile Analysis of Military Training Policy in the NDA: A Multivariate Approach, - Blackwell Journal, 2010.
xi.    Okafor UL, Oadejo MO, ARIMA Model of Cadets sick’s parade, Blackwell Journal, Vol  2  No  1  , 2010.
xii.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Fourier series Analysis of Cadets sick parade, Journal of JOAMP, Vol 21, Jul 2012.
xiii.    Oladejo MO, Analysis of family of Distribution of Random Variables with PDF F(X) = N which yields Damped Asymptotes, National Conference NSA 2010.
xiv.    Oladejo MO, Statistics A Tool For Monitoring Government Programmes And Projects, 7th Annual Conference of Legislative Researchers & Statisticians, Abuja, 20 – 24 Sep 2010.
xv.    Oladejo MO, Ossai S, Application of Time Series Analysis in Forecasting Electrical Power – Energy Needs of Nigeria: A Case Study of Kaduna Metropolis – Blackwell 2010.
xvi.    Oladejo MO, Gajere S, Multiple Regression and Discriminant Analysis of student’s Performance in KADPOLY Exams – Blackwell – IJICST, - Vol 4, No -1,  2012.
xvii.    Oladejo MO, Usman S, Robustness of Logistic and Discriminant Model for Early Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus. Blackwell, IJM & CA, Vol 4, No 1, 2012.
xviii.    Oladejo MO, Aye P, Analysis of Multiple and Principal Component Models to obtain Optimal Model for Forecasting Mental Illness at the Psychiatric Hospital Kaduna – Blackwell, JSTR,  Vol -11,  No 2,  2012.
xix.    Oladejo MO, Udoh I, Application of Resource Allocation Queue Fairness Measure (RAQFM) to the Petroleum product and Pipelines Marketing Company (PPMC) to Suleja Fuel Depot, Niger State – Blackwell, IJMS, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2011.
xx.    Oladejo MO, Optimal Compartmentalization of N - Team Interacting Model for Decision Makers  with Bounded Rationality Constraints. – NDAJSE, Vol.  , No.  , 2013.
xxi.    A  Combat Model Adaptable for Evaluating the Implementability of Projects and Programmes, NIIE, Vol. , No , 2013.
xxii.    Oladejo MO, Igwe SON, Maintenance Optimization Model for D0228 Aircraft for Combat Readiness and Maritime Roles, NDAJSE, Vol No…
xxiii.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Weighted Fourier Series of Non Stationery Commercial Air Traffic, Springer Ver Lag, Vol N0. 2013.


i.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Forecasting Sales of Black Pepper by Holt-Winters Model, AJPRHD Vol 7, N0. 3, Aug 2011.
ii.    Oladejo MO, Modelling of N-team of Interacting Decision Maker (DM) with Bounded Rationality Constraint (C I), Medwell Journal Vol.  , No.   , 2013.
iii.     Oladejo MO, Spectral Analysis of Modelled N – Team Interacting DM with Bounded Rationality Constraints, Asian Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol.    , No.   , 2013.
iv.    Oladejo MO, Macaulay MO, Determination of Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company Limited (KRPC Ltd), Safety and Cost Production Models, IOSR Journal 2014.
v.    Oladejo MO, Aligho CM, Optimal Queuing Model of Medical Centres: A Case Study of Shehu Muhammed Kangiwa Medical Centre, Kaduna Polytechnic, IOSR Journals of Mathematics, 2013.
vi.    Oladejo MO, Owolabi H, Modelling Black-Scholes Model to Incorporate Transaction Costs, SIAM Journal of Financial Mathematics,  Vol No 2014
vii.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Forecasing non Stationary Times Series using, Time-Dependent Fourier Coefficients, proceedings IlE, Kuala Lunper Nov 2013.
viii.    Oladejo MO Jighjigh AT, Optimal Transportation Network Using Challeges as Catalytic Factors on Insurgent Maiduguri, AJST, Vol  No 2014.
ix.    Oladejo MO Jighjigh AT, Optimal Transportation Network Using Challeges as Catalytic Factors on Cosmopobilan Gateway Sokoto, JMTR, Vol  No 2014.
x.    Oladejo MO Jighjigh AT, Optimal Transportation Network Using Challeges as Catalytic Factors on Routies to Commercial Mega-City Kano, ETRR, Vol  No 2014.
xi.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Harmonic Analysis by Time-dependent Fourier Coefficient, proceeding ICM 2014 Seoul Korea.
xii.    Okafor UL, Oladejo MO, Modelling Cadets Offences by Interaction Effects, PJA/PJER, Vol  No 2014


i.    Oladejo MO, Stochastic Processes, Queues and Games Models with Worked Examples.
ii.    Oladejo MO, A First Course on Probability Principles and Applications with Worked Examples
iii.    Oladejo MO, A Survey of Modern Combat Models, (Book) – ISBN Press.


i.    Redundancy Model: CONSAC 98 – Nov 98.
ii.    The need for R & D in NN fleet maintenance, CSC 23 2001.
iii.    Over Dependence of Nigeria on Petroleum: Diversification a panacea, CSC 23 2001.


i.    Role of Mathematics in Capacity/Nation building – Research Report NDA (2005).
ii.    Assessment of Impact of Structure/Policy on Cadets Performance in the Degree Programme. Research Report NDA 2006.
iii.    Redundancy Consideration for Minimizing of Material Manpower/Fund/Time Wastes In Industries/Establishments/NN Ships.
iv.    Cadets Offences & Punishments.


a.    SPECTRUM Journal     1993
b.           “                 “       1994
c.           “                 “       1995
d.           “                 “       1996
e.    Theoretical Analysis of Control & Stability of Military Vehicle Dynamics In Field Terrains Under Hydrogas Passive Suspension, AJDS, Apr 2009.
f.    The Schwarzian Derivative And Univalent Function Theory, AJDS, Jun 2009.
g.    The Effect of Supplier’s Policy On Project Planning: Role of Price Discount On Time-Cost Trade Off Problem Using GA, EJOR 2009.
h.    Assigning Resources And Targets To An Organization’s Activities, EJOR 2010.


a.    Kamar O, (1993), The Non-Major And Statistical Methods.


a.    Co-Author, NDA Entrance Examinations Compendium 2006.
b.    Co-Author, A Treatise of First International Conference on Military OR, Aug 2006.


iv.    Oladejo MO, Stochastic Processes, Queues and Games Models with Worked Examples.
v.    Oladejo MO, A First Course on Probability Principles and Applications with Worked Examples
vi.    Oladejo MO, A Survey of Modern Combat Models, – ISBN Press.


i.    Member National Institute of Industrial Engineers, (MNIIE).
ii.    Member Mathematical Association of Nigeria, (MMAN)
iii    Member Nigerian Statistical Association. (MNSA).


i.    MAN Annual Conference 1990, PortHacort.
ii.    Academy Seminars and Conferences.
iii.    Naval Police Training Seminar 99, NNS QUORRA, Apapa.
iv    Chief of Naval Staff Annual Conference, (CONSAC), 1998, Abeokuta.
v    NDA First international Conference on Military Operation Research, Aug 2006, Kaduna.
vi    Presidential Re-treat on Science & Engineering Infrastructure, Aso Rock Villa, 2006.
vii.    NDA 2009 National Discourse: Global Peacekeeping Jul 2009.
vii.    7th Annual Conference of Legislative Researchers And Statisticians, Rockview Hotel Abuja, 20 – 24 Sept 2010.
viii.    ICME – 12, Seoul, Korea, 8 – 15 July 2012.
ix.    Official visit to NDA India, Mar 2013



i.    General Mathematic 1 (MAT 101, MAT 111/ENG 111).
ii.    Engineering Mathematic (MAT 121/ENG 121).
iii    General Mathematics  2  (MAT 122).


i.    Numerical Analysis and Probability (MAT 212).
ii.    Probability 2  (MAT 224).
iii.    Probability  (MAT 215)
iv.    Set, Logic and Algebra  (MAT 212)


i.    Introduction to OR   (MAT 325 OR MAT 322).
ii.    Mathematical Methods  2  (MAT 314).
iii.    Elementary DE Series Solutions (MAT 323).
iv.    Statistical Inference (MAT 317).
v.    Operation Research (MAT 321).


i.    Advanced Probability (MAT 424) (MAT 433).
ii.    Mathematical Methods  2  (Calculus of Variation) (MAT 431).


i.    Stochastic Processes (MAT 603)/(MAT 814)
ii.    Combat Modelling   (MAT 632)/(MAT 816)
iii.    Forecasting Techniques (MAT 636)/(MAT 827)
vi.    Rapid Decision Making (MAT 622)
vii.    Control Theory (MAT 817)


i.    Wg Cdr UC Okafor (rtd)    ++    MSc  2006 / 2007 ;  PhD (2008 / 2009)
ii.    AM Badmus * +            PhD  2014
iii.    Z Adegboye * +                PhD  2014
iv.    PO Odion * +                PhD  2014
v.    S C Ossai*  ++                             MSc  2006 / 2007
vi.    C Uwa* ++                                     MSc  2006 / 2007
vii.    Capt (NN) W Kayoda*  ++            MSc  2007 / 2008
viii.    M A Nwaonu   ++                           MSc  2007 / 2008
ix.    S S Gajere*   ++                              MSc  2007 / 2008
x.    Mrs. Egejuru ++                              PhD  2008 / 2009
xi.    S Usman*  ++                                  MSc  2009 / 2010
xii.    Patrick  A*  ++                                 MSc  2009 / 2010
xiii.    Israel JU*  ++                                     MSc  2006/  2007
iii.    Maj  Baba  M  ++                         MSc  2006/  2007
iv.    Gaya  S    ++                    MSc  2006  /2007
v.    GP Capt Igwe S*  ++                        MSc  2006/ 2007
vi.    Macaulay NO* ++                           MSc  2010/ 2011
vii.    Aligho  C * ++                MSc  2010/ 2011
viii.    Habeeb O*  ++             MSc  2011/2012
ix.    Patience Igbe John ++            MSc  2011/2012
x.    Anyawu     S  ++            MSc  2006 / 2007
xi.    AT Jhigjing  ++            NDA/PGS/FS/M/1046/12
xii.    B Abdullahi  ++            NDA/PGS/FS/M/1049/12
xiii.    JA Adeza  ++                NDA/PGS/FS/M/1050/12
xiv.    N Agashua ++                NDA/PGS/FS/M/

NB:     *Implies course completed
    ++  Major supervisor
    ++  Minor supervisor

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