The Department of Chemistry started its degree programme in 1985 after all necessary laboratory facilities and research equipment was properly positioned for the smooth take off. It is the expectation of the founding fathers that a cadet that has passed through the training programme in Chemistry shall be able to:

a.    Have sustained interest and enthusiasm in Chemistry and also be able to apply the knowledge of Chemistry to the Military profession.
b.    Cultivate and build a culture of continuous enquiry.
c.    Have a broad and balanced base of chemical knowledge and practical skills.
d.    Provide a range of skills applied in chemical and non-chemical areas that can provide confidence for jobs in the units after graduation.
e.    Develop a solid base of chemical knowledge and skills that are required for postgraduate studies and research,
f.    Inculcate an appreciation of chemistry in all human endeavours with particular reference to the military and its applications.
g.          Provide and develop indebt analytical skills in enquiry, research and creativity to be able to tackle the inherent problems in security and development, and;
h.           Provide the capacity and capability to blend theory and practical in order to breach the gap between the two.

The Chemistry Department of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna runs courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science honours degree. M.Sc and Ph.D degrees are also available in the following areas:
•    Material Science with Specialization in Explosives
•    Forensic Chemistry
•    Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
•    Organic and Natural Product Chemistry
•    Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
•    Environmental Monitoring and Management

The Department of Chemistry has highly proficient lecturers who have contributed to the development of chemistry and the society at large.  They are also members of local and international professional bodies.

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