1.    The department of Physics was established in 1985 and runs a programme, which leads to the award of a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Physics. The objective of the programme is to produce military officers with a sound and broad knowledge in Physics as relevant to the military.

2.    A commissioned officer with a B.Sc. degree in Physics has diverse prospects in sensitive areas of military set-up such as Engineering, Instrumentation, Communication, Meteorology, Material Science, Electronics, Nuclear and Radiation Physics, etc. Such an officer could also pursue higher/professional degrees either in Physics or in any of the above-mentioned related areas of Physics from any recognized institution.

3.    Because of these diverse interests, the undergraduate programme in Physics has been designed to impact basic knowledge in the fundamentals of the main branches of experimental and theoretical Physics. In addition to offering an opportunity of acquaintance with some of the extensions and applications of Physics and its connections with other disciplines as a basis for a contemplated career, it also offers, within the Academy itself, opportunities for concentration in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, electronics and instrumentation, Nuclear science and engineering physics for those who are primarily interested in these applications of Physics that find ready use in military service.  There is also a very strong Solid State Physics and Theoretical/Mathematical Physics programme.  The officers produced by the department are expected to apply their knowledge of Physics in the technological advancement of the nation’s defense system.

Notable Achievements
4.    Since its establishment, over 300 officers have been graduated from the department, many of whom have distinguished themselves in the field and in further advanced military/academic courses in the department and other recognized institutions. Some of the graduate officers of the Physics Department had secured distinguished international scholarships to pursue advanced courses abroad.

5.    The Physics Department is one of the first Departments that had approval to now run Postgraduate courses both at the M.Sc and PhD levels in Nuclear and Radiation Physics, and Solid State Physics in NDA. And in preparation of the obvious expansion of the Department, some specialized laboratories are being created. These include:

•    Nuclear and Radiation Physics laboratory
•    Solid State Physics laboratory
•    Electrical/Electronics laboratory
•    Geophysics laboratory
•    Theoretical/Mathematical Physics laboratory

In research, the Department had demonstrated some notable fit, some of which may be termed “classified’. There are various on-going works which are of direct relevance to the military and the host community.

Departmental Staff and Staff Training
6.    Presently, the Physics Department has total staff strength of thirty-one (31) comprising of eleven (11) Academic staff, eleven (11) Technical Staff and nine (9) Administrative staff.

7.    Some of the Academic and Technical staff are presently running various programmes in Nigerian Universities while others have completed their programmes and are back to the Department.  Below is the chronicle of the Heads of department from inception:

i.    Dr. EJ Uwah, PhD            –    Sep 1985 to Aug 1988
ii.    Mr. VN Udeh, M.Sc        –    Sep 1988 to Aug 1989
iii.    Dr. CO Adegoke, PhD        –    Sep 1989 to Sep 1990
iv.    Dr. MN Agu, PhD            –    Oct 1990 to Oct 1995
v.    Col KO Ogunkoya, M.Sc        –    Oct 1995 to Aug 1996
vi.    Mr. EF Oyidi, M.Sc        –    Aug 1996 to Oct 1998
vii.    Asso. Prof MN Agu, PhD    –    Oct 1998 to Oct 2000
viii.    Capt (NN) JJ Owonubi, M.Sc    –    Oct 2000 to Aug 2001
ix.    Mr. CO Ibimidun, M.Sc        –    Aug 2001 to Sep 2002
x.    Prof MN Agu, PhD        –    Oct 2002 to Sep 2003
xi.    Dr. PO Akusu, PhD        –    Oct 2003 to Sep 2005
xii    Mr. CO Ibimidun, M.Sc        –    Oct 2005 to Sep 2006
xiii    Dr. PO Akusu, PhD        –    Oct 2006 to Sep 2007
xiv    Dr. MY Onimisi PhD, MNIP    –    Oct 2007 to       2012  
xv    Dr. H Ali                –    Oct 2012 to Nov 2015
xvi.    Assoc Prof MY Onimisi    (PhD, MNIP)   –    Nov 2015 to date


8.    The mission of the department of Physics is to provide each officer cadet (students) with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirement of a military officer through basic knowledge in Physics and the ability to initiate a research in physics.  At the postgraduate level the department provide and develop in the students the in-depth analytical skill in enquiry, research and creativity to be able to tackle the inherent problems in security and development as related to physics.

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