1.    The Centre for Energy and Environment (CEENDA) welcomes the HQ Academic Branch on the development of a web site for the branch.  This is a novel idea and the centre pray such idea should be  sustained.

2.    ABOUT THE CENTRE – The Centre for Energy and Environment (CEEDA) was established in July 2013 as one of the centres of excellence in the academy.  The centre is on all issues related to energy efficiency/supply and the environments.    As an international establishment, she partners with other sister’s bodies (both local and foreign) in matters relating to research. environmental and energy issues.  She also partners with the government.  (Federal, States and LGAs)  to protect and preserve the environment especially from the scourge of climate change.  The centre is situated at the Old Site of NDA by the right hand side behind the car park.

    a.    Profile of Appointment (Head CEENDA):  Since inception, the centre has the
            Following as heads:

        1.    Asso Prof Al-Amin        July  2013   -  Nov 2014
        2.    Dr MD Faruruwa           Dec  2014   -  June 2015
        3.    Dr S Saa’d                    July  2015   -   May, 2016
        4.    Prof JK Aremu              May 2016   - Till present

     b    Key Officers of the centre are:-                

            (1)      Professor  JK Aremu - Head CEENDA

            B.Sc (Hons) IB; M.Sc LAG), PhD (Min) Meteorology/
            Climatology. An erudite scholar, meteorologist by training
            and an academic  by profession. He was a former Head of                              
            Department of Geography, NDA and a profile writer.  He’s
            amiable and hard-working.


          (2)       Mrs Ikoi – Administrative Officer

               HND (Publlic Administration) MPA (Master in Public Admin)
               She was trained as administrator. She is loyal and hard working.                

        (3)     Mr Omololu – Head Cercal Officer

WASC, ND – He is resourceful and reliable.             

           (4)     Mrs  Bakare – Computer Operator

WASC, Dip. in Computer Science  A hardworking and                          
trustworthy person.

The centre is run by a formidable team  of researchers/specialists in various fields as follows:

    1.      Prof JK Aremu    (Head)       -    Ph.D Geog (Climatology)                     
    2.      Asso Prof E Mijah           -    Pol Science                     
    3.      Asso Prof YA Umar           -    Ph.D Biol Sciences
    4.      Gen (Dr) PM Atere (Rtd)       -    Ph.D Geog (Urban)
    5.      Dr O Brian (Snr Lecturer)       -    Ph.D Biol Sciences
    6.      Col SS Ibrahim           -    Ph.D
    7.      Dr MM Namadi (Snr Lecturer )-    Ph.D Chem
    8.      Dr BI Omolola            -    Ph.D PHE
    9.      Mr DD Jise                -    M.Sc Geog      –     Reseasrch Assistant
    10.    Mr DE Adesina                    -    Doctoral Student –Research Assistant
    11.    Mr TA Ayantayo            -    Doctoral Student –Research Assistant

CEENDA like any university research   centre, is guided by academic, professional and ethical codes of conduct that must be adhered to.  Currently, the centre is in partnership with Kaduna State Government  through her parastatals (KADSUPDA) in solving some environmental problems.  Some goes with the Federal Ministry of Environment, and another research centre in China.  It is hoped that more areas/avenues  will be opened soon.  


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