Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course



On Thursday 4 March 2023 the Nigerian Defence Academy signed the revised Memorandum of Understanding with Nigeria Army Resource Center Abuja at NARC Conference hall Abuja.A preceeding MoU had been signed by both parties, 4years ago, on the 20th of March 2019 precisely, as revealed by the DG NARC, Maj Gen G A Wahab (Rtd) in his opening remarks.
Also, while welcoming the NDA team, the DG applauded the resilience and futuristic leadership of the NDA commandant, Maj Gen Yusuf, on his role as the catalyst for initial collaboration on the preceeding MOU while serving at the Center as one of the Directors.
He reiterated the belief in the maxim, ‘Do your best wherever you are’.
He further stated that it was the foundation laid 4yrs earlier in the form of the previous MOU that is now being leveraged and coincidentally so by the same person.
The DG thanked the commandant for his sterling leaderships and unreserved commitment and choice of NARC as a Center for it’s activities, while stressing that the resulting synergy had accentuated prominence, visibility within and outside the country for the Centre.

The DG implored the NDA authority to help provide tags for identification of the different stakeholders of the various programs to avert security breach.

Our amiable Commandant recognized and commended the NARC authority for positive and beneficial mutual engagements of two great institutions. He elaborated what the MoU was like 4years earlier and what it is presently. He stressed that a lot of concerns had been addressed in the new MOU thereby making it viable and more service driven, active, symbolic and relations sustainability.

Commandant expressed confidence that the new partnership between NDA and NARC would be mutually beneficial to both institutions, personnel and the nation at large.

The Commandant sounded a note of caution that the Center would need to avoid being a copy cat of military institutions because it was unique and needed to remain on track.

The Commandant profoundly expressed his delight at the success of the collaboration with the Centre in the training of army personnel via its leadership and strategy study program. He added that despite some skepticism at the implementation stage, the course is now being touted by participants as being one of the best due to it’s richness in curriculum. He assured the DG that NDA will collaborate with Army Intelligence to provide needed security for participants.

On a lighter note, the commandant remarked that the presence of the Director of Finance (DOF ) was to facilitate portions of finance regarding release of the endowment fund specified in the new MOU.
The signing of the MoU between the NDA and NARC was witnessed by principal staff of both institutions. Additionally, highlights of the events included group photographs and a tour of the newly refurbished facility.

Prof BJ Ajibuah