Engr. Dr. Jacob Olaitan Akindapo


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engr .Dr. Jacob Olaitan Akindapo is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He holds BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Production Engineering and PhD in Mechanical Engineering(Production Option) from University of Lagos and Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.

His area of specialization is Design and Production with special interest in the Development of Composite Materials from Agricultural residues for both commercial and military hardware.

He has published several papers in reputable journals both locally and internationally, majority of these papers are in circulation.  He has been able to initiate researches centred on the development of composite materials for various applications in the Department. Some of these researches have led to the production of various engineering products such as military helmets, safety helmets, automobile brake pads, brake rotor or disc, roofing sheet materials with various economic values.

He is presently leading a research cluster looking at the possibility of developing automobile vehicle bumper locally from groundnut shell and rice husk reinforced in epoxy (Bisphenol-A-col-epichlorohydrine) composite.  Future research is to be focused on the development of composite materials using graphite-epoxy for aircraft wing spar and wing skin. The computational techniques are currently being developed using Ansys.18 and MATLAB software for this purpose.  Reasonable progress has been made in this direction.

In addition to journal publications, He has reviewed two books for publications and several journal papers at local and international levels as contributions to academic society.

He is actively involved in the teaching and supervision of research projects for post graduate students at Post Graduate Diploma level, Masters of Engineering and PhD since the inception of the programmes in the Department.

He is actively involved in committee assignments at the Department, Faculty and Academy levels. He was the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering from 2002, 2004 and 2013  2015.

He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. He has been involved in various activities of the Society, both at Branch and National level in various capacities (1997 Date).He also served the following institutions meritoriously: National Board for Technical Education (1996 2009), 320 TTG, Nigerian Air Force, Kaduna (2004 2009), National Water Resources Institute (2009), Kaduna Polytechnic as external Examiner (2002 2004). AFIT as external examiner (2018 “ Date). He is also a member of Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is fully registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practice in Nigeria.