Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 76 Regular Course

Ekpo Barnabas David

Ekpo Barnabas David
PhD, M.Sc., B.Sc.
Department of Political Science


Ekpo, Barnabas David is an intellectual and a dynamic political philosopher whose areas of research interest include contemporary political problems, foundation of philosophical thought and a pace setter in the area of philosophical multiculturalism. Born into the family of ten, he had his secondary education in the prestigious Hope Waddell training institution Calabar, his first degree (BA Hons Philosophy 2000) from the University of Calabar, MA Political Philosophy from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Masters in Conflict Security and Development from the prestigious Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna and a Ph. D in Political philosophy from the University of Calabar in 2017. Dr. Ekpo teaches courses at PhD/Msc level and as well a visiting lecturer at Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna State. He is currently the PG coordinator of the department of Political Science and Defence Studies, Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna. Dr. Ekpo has held the following positions and some of his key publications include



1. Acting Head of Department, Department of Political Science- 01 Nov. 2021- 09 January 2022.2. Business Editor, Faculty of Arts and Social Science Journal, Nigerian Defence Academy

3. Post-Graduate Coordinator, PhD/MSc Department of Political Science, Nov. 2018 to date.

4. Post-Graduate Coordinator, Master in Public Administration, Department of Political Science, Nov.2018-date.

5. Departmental Registration Officer (GNS) 2002-2005

6. Chairman Departmental Timetable Committee (GNS) 2006-2012

7. Chairman Departmental Examination Committee (GNS) 2007-2012

8. Member Departmental Seminar Committee (PSDS) 2016 – 2021

9. Member Departmental Curriculum Committee (PSDS) 2018-2021

10. Member Editorial Board Academic Journal of Rear Ideas, University of Calabar, Calabar.

11. Postgraduate Coordinator for Master in International Affairs and Strategic Studies (MIASS) (PSDS) 2018 -2021

12. Member, NDA Non-Academic Promotion Committee 2018-2020

13. Member, NDA Seminar Series 2018

14. Member, Curriculum Committee Undergraduate and Postgraduate Department of Political Science and Defence Studies, Nigerian Defence Academy, 2016 to date

15. Resource Person, NDA Centre for Leadership and Complex Military Operations, 2016 to date

16. Resource Person NDA Methodology Philosophies Centre 2018-date

17. Resource Person, Senior Course, Command and Staff College, Jaji, Kaduna. 2018 -date

18. Member, Collaboration and Linkages Committee, Nigerian Defence Academy.
Resource Person, Education Enhancement Team, Centre for Critical Thinking, Teaching and Learning, Nigerian Defence Academy 2017 to present.

19. Representative of postgraduate school in external Defence of PhD and M.Sc. theses.


  1. The Journal of Rare Ideas (JRI), University of Calabar, Calabar-Nigeria.
  2. Business Editor, Faculty of Arts and Social Science Journal, Nigerian Defence Academy.



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