Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

DR Vantsawa Philip Anthony

Head of Department of Biological Science
 Nigerian Defence Academy

Qualifications: BSc Zoology, MSc Animal Science, PhD Animal Science all from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.
Rank: Associate Professor
Appointment: Head of Department


Other Info:

Area of specialization: Animal Science



Examination officer 2007-2010
Examination officer 2001-2003
PG coordinator 2010-2012
Deputy Dean PG school 2012-2017
HOD 2017-date

Workshop and Conferences attended:
Has attended several workshops and conferences at international and national level.

Selected Publication:
Vantsawa P.A.  Ogundipe S.O.  Dafwang I.I and Omage J.J (2007). Replacement of value of dusa  (locally processed Maize Offal) for Maize in the diets of pullets and subsequent early laying characteristics. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 7 (4) 574-577.

Vantsawa P.A (2007) Effects of the Replacement of maize with different level of dusa (local maize offal) in diets of laying chickens. Academy journal of Science and Engineering 5 (1): 29-33.

Vantsawa P.A Umar T and Bulus T (2017). Effect of Probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus on performance of Broiler Chickens Direct research Journals. 5(8)pp302-306.DOI:DRJA16284589.

Obukohwo K, Vantsawa PA, Dibal DM, Ijah UJJ, GB and Ndive TO (2020). Screening of Fungi Isolates from Kaduna Refinery effluent and Romi River and their potential for Bioremediation. J. Appl. Sci. Environ. Manage. 24(9) :1655-1662.

Akure CO, Sekoni AA, Abeke FO, Vantsawa PA, Babasanya B, Olukotun O and Ayodele JT (2020). Growth performance and Carcass characteristics of finisher broiler fed fermented Mucuna pruriens seed meal. J.Anim. Prod.Res. 32(1):92-99.

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