• Head of Department Profile


DR OLUMIDE OLUWASANMI IGE trained in Nuclear and Radiation Physics at the Postgraduate School of the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna and had further capacity enhancement through participation in several IAEA and ICTP organized events. His expertise is in the determination and application of neutron and proton cross-section data including theoretical model predictions for energy/non-energy applications; neutronics and thermal hydraulics analysis for reactor safety and security; and, material analysis using nuclear techniques.

His current academic research effort focuses on systematic expansion of nuclear data to areas of needs in energy and medical applications; safety and security analysis of reactors using neutronics and thermal hydraulics modelling with focus on Gen III, Gen III+, Gen IV and SMRs; the mechanical characterization of graphene optimally synthesized from local graphite; and the electrokinetic remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil. His interest extends to include critical thinking as it relates to energy systems and suitable energy mix; evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning in STEM; and, the methodology of scientific research.

He is currently the Editorial Assistant of the Academy Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE); and, member of World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS), Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP), Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences (NSPS), Nigerian Solar Society (NSS) and the Nigerian Nuclear Society (NNS), where he is the current National Secretary.