Dr. Jummai Garba

Dr. jummai Garba




Dr. Jummai Garba was born in 1963 and currently works at Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna as a counseling psychologist in the counselling center and lectures in the Psychology department. She has Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in educational psychology, a professional teacher and teacher educator for 35 years. She worked with National Teachers’ Institute, Nigeria as programme designer and course writer during which she headed the Continuous Teacher Professional Development (CTPD) and later head of Programme Design and Development (PD & D) division in NTI. She still serves as consultant and online facilitator for Green Teacher Environmental Education for COL/NTI and Family Life Health and Emerging Issues (FLHEI) for UNESCO Nigeria. She participated and presented papers at workshops and conferences both national and international. She has also published papers in national and international journals and currently a reviewer for International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS). Dr Garba is a widow with 6 children 2 males and 4 females. Her publications include among others:
  1. Examination malpractices in Nigeria: A Consolidation of the Issues.
  2. Effect of Cognitive Restructuring Technique on Pathological lying
  3. Cognitive styles of cadets in Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna: A comparison of Art and Science learners.
  4. Relationship between fosterage and attachment styles among pupils in early childhood education centers
  5. Relationship between Attachment Parenting Practice and Attachment Styles among Early Childhood Education Pupils
  6. The viability of providing adequate inclusive education teachers using open and distance learning in Nigeria
  7. Relationship between attachment parenting practice and attachment styles among pupils in early childhood education centers.
  8. Relationship between cognitive styles and academic achievement among secondary school Students.
  9. Drug dependency among Nigerian youths: Implications for teachers.
  10. Relationship among depression, anxiety and academic achievement.
  11. Relationship between cognitive style and gender of science and art cadets in Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.
  12. The Child and the Environment in NCE/DLS Course Book Year Two
  13. Play Ground and Play Equipment in NCE/DLS Course Book Year Two
  14. Foundation of Education in NCE/DLS Course Book Year One
  15. Child Growth and Survival in NCE/DLS Course Book Year One
  16. Training Manual for Teachers Without Teaching Qualification
  17. Management and Control of Climate Change in Green Teacher Course Book
  18. Manual for Re-training of Teachers and Caregivers on Early Childhood Education
  19. Manual for the Re-training of Teachers on Curriculum Implementation and Correct Entries of Records in Schools
  20. Manual for Induction of Newly Recruited Teachers in Niger state
  21. A Manual for the Re-training of Teachers on Improvisation of Instructional Material and Records in Schools