NDA Reaches Out To Neighbouring Community

Coming on the heels of the recent commissioning of some vital community projects by the Nigerian Defence Academy in some of its neighbouring communities, the Academy has again embarked on an outreach to Mahuta, another neighbouring community to her, where the Commandant, Major General MT Ibrahim, participated in the planting of trees donated by the Academy to the community’s primary school, and the commissioning of a Transformer which NDA provided funds for its installation.

The Former Commmandant NDA, Maj Gen MT Ibrahim, planting a tree during NDA’s outreach to Mahuta, a neighbouring community to NDA

Whilst there, the former Commandant was further moved by the dilapidated state of a block of classrooms whose roof has been blown off by rains and further made a pledge on behalf of the Academy to provide part funding for the renovation of the building.

Dilapidated block of classroom the former Commandant NDA pledged to help Mahuta community renovated

Addressing residents of the community, Major General Ibrahim noted the outreach to the Mahuta was in line with the new policy at the Nigerian Defence Academy to improve Civil – Military Relations between the Academy and its neighbours. He stated that NDA is willing to partner with its neighbours for development. He further disclosed that NDA was only participating in the projects to assist the government in bringing development closer to the people, noting that as an institution of government NDA must assist in making life better, particularly to those in the communities surrounding here. He commended the residents of Mahuta for ensuring peace and unity amongst their communities, revealing that it was this relative peace that attracted NDA to their community. General Ibrahim further encouraged them to maintain peace in their community.

Maj Gen MT Ibrahim addressing residents of Mahuta during NDA outreach to the community

Reminiscing on his days as a cadet at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Major General Ibrahim recalled that the whole area which is now Mahuta and its environs was covered with trees. He regretted that today that has changed. He intoned that trees play a vital role in the survival of man and animals and encouraged them to nurture the trees provided by the Academy and plant more. According to him, each family should plant a tree.

The Former Commandant NDA, Maj Gen MT Ibrahim, planting a tree at the Mahuta Primary School. He’s being assisted by a community leader, Mallam MK Mohammed

One of the leaders of the community, Mallam MK Mohammed, the ommand Ungwan Kudu, expressed delight at the visit of the former Commandant to lead the outreach into Mahuta. He disclosed that the former Commandant’s visit to their community would be the first time any high ranking officer of the Academy will be visiting them. He thanked the former Commandant and the Nigerian Defence Academy for helping to bring development to their community and pleaded with him to assist the community in the area of youth development.

Another leader of the community, Dr Danbazau, whilst thanking the former Commandant for his kind gestures towards the neighbouring communities, disclosed that the gesture by the former Commandant was anticipated because of the former Commandant’s antecedents everywhere else he has served in his military career. According to him, “General Ibrahim always leaves a mark everywhere he serves”. He emphasized that Mahuta was not the only community enjoying the former Commandant’s kind gesture but that other communities around the Academy have benefited from the former Commandant’s benevolence.

The Former Commandant NDA addressing pupils during NDA Outreach to Mahuta Primary School

The Former Commandant NDA, Maj Gen MT Ibrahim, commissioning a Transformer in Mahuta

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