Directorate of Administration


The Directorate of Administration (DOA) is located at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Headquarters’ complex and is headed by a Director from the Navy with the established rank of Commodore.  He is responsible to the Comdt for all military personnel, administrative functions, activities and policy formulation in the Academy.  He is also responsible for disposal of disciplinary cases as well as escort for the movement of cadets during exercises, study tours and other assigned duties in the Academy.   

The DOA is charged with several responsibilities. These include discipline, promotion of other ranks (Army), pay and allowances, inquiries, general welfare, burials. Others are setting up and organisation of the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB), in liaison with the AR initiating activities of the Passing Out Parade (POP), security, intelligence gathering, Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration, administration of Churches and Mosques, oversight of Mammy Markets (Ribadu and Afaka) and any other tasks as may be directed by the Comdt from time to time.

The Directorate has been headed by 40 directors since its inception. The chronicle of command for Directorate of Administration is attached as Annex A. 


The roles and functions of the Directorate of Administration include the following:

  1. Coordination of all issues/activities relating to general administration, medical, Intel and military police departments, coordinating the affairs of the Chaplaincy and Imam.
  2. Welfare and disciplinary matters of personnel.
  3. Processing of Pay and allowances for NA junior personnel.
  4. Granting of leaves/passes for DOA staff, documentation of personnel, posted in/out of NDA as well as those granted pass.
  5. Deployment of officers and soldiers/equivalent posted to the Academy.
  6. Initiating and constitution of the Boards of inquiries and related matters as may be directed by the Comdt as well as recommendations of soldiers for promotion.
  7. Coordinating the activities of the NDA team in conjunction with the AR for the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB).
  8. Acceptance/rejection and administering of NYSC members posted to the Academy.
  9. Coordinating the activities of POPs.
  10. Processing of retirement and discharge for officers and soldiers respectively as well as the coordination and arrangement for combined decoration of promoted personnel in the Academy (officers and soldiers).
  11. Ensuring appropriate documentation of newly posted staff.
  12. Liaising with Services’ HQs, State governments and other external organizations.
  13. Coordinating and arranging for appropriate burial of deceased personnel.
  14. Any other assignments/tasks as may be directed by the Comdt or the Dy Comdt.


The DOA is the head of the Directorate and by hierarchy, he is operationally responsible to the Comdt and administratively under the Dy Comdt. He is also assisted by 3 staff officers; SO1 Admin (Army), SO2 Admin (Navy) and SO3 Admin (Air Force).  Furthermore, the NDA Provost, Admin Bn, 92 Military Intelligence Regiment (MIR) and NDA Band. Others, are Religious Affairs Dept, Legal Department, and Civilian Personnel Unit (CPU) which are all organic to the DOA. The NDA Hospital which hitherto was attached to the DOA is detached as the Comd NDA Hospital now reports directly to the Dy Comdt. 

  1. NDA Hospital. NDA has 2 hospitals; one each at the Old and Permanent sites. The Comd NDA Hospital is domiciled at the Permanent Site from where he oversees and administers the affairs of the 2 hospitals. The hospitals render medical services to cadets, staff and their families. Expectedly, the personnel of NDA hospitals are responsible for first aid lectures to cadets and those pertaining to medical support in military ops and/or exercises.
  2. NDA Prov Comd. The NDA Prov Comd is responsible for discipline and physical security within the barracks (Ribadu Cantonment and Afaka). The Provost Comd operates in conjunction with the Admin Bn, which provides personnel for guard duties and the Demo Bn. The Provost Comd also liaises with the 92 MIR and interfaces with other security stake holders in Kaduna metropolis and beyond.
  3. Administration Battalion. The Admin Bn is responsible for general administration, welfare of service personnel as well as the conduct of summary trial of offences and award of punishments in line with disciplinary powers of Command. Cases beyond the disciplinary powers of the CO are referred to ASA for disposal as appropriate. The CO Admin Bn is also responsible for general maintenance of NDA environment including cutting of grasses, trimming of lawns and watering of flowers as well as presentation of Quarter Guard during VIPs’ visits to the Academy. The established rank for the CO NDA Admin Bn is Lt Col. Admin Bn is also in charge of NDA Mammy Markets (Ribadu and Afaka) and is directly responsible to the DOA for same.
  4. 92 MIR. The 92 MIR is operationally responsible to the Comdt but administratively under the DOA. The Regt is saddled with the responsibility of providing timely intel and security information. The CO liaises with 1 Div NA Military Intelligence Brigade (MIB) from time to time and other Intelligence stakeholders including the NAF Intelligence Detachment, NPF, DSS, local vigilantes and the Ardos in Afaka and environs.
  5. 37 NDA Demo Bn. The 37 NDA Demo Bn had been fully operationalized in 2022.  It therefore has dual jurisdiction of being administratively under the NDA and operationally under 1 Div. It handles the physical security of NDA.
  6. NDA Band. The NDA Band is responsible for the provision of military music at regimental occasions such as POP, beating the retreat, dinner nights as well as dance band for social gatherings like wedding ceremonies, mess activities or as the circumstances dictate. The NDA Band headed by an Assistant Director of Music (ADOM) is located at the Old Site (Ribadu Campus) owing to the lack of office accommodation at Afaka.
  7. Religious Affairs Dept. The Religious Affairs Department comprises the Chaplain (Roman Catholic/Protestant) section and Islamic Affair sections. They are responsible for the spiritual upliftment and religious education of all NDA personnel, cadets and other worshippers. The 3 places of worships in the Academy include Protestant Church, Roman Catholic Church and Mosques. These are located at Ribadu Cantonment (Old Site) and NDA Afaka (Permanent Site).
  8. Legal Dept. The Legal Department is headed by legal military officer. The Department offers legal advice and prepares legal documents for the HQ NDA and also does a lot of litigations on behalf of the Academy.
  9. Civilian Personnel Unit. The Civilian Personnel Unit (CPU) is headed by the Principal Executive Officer (PEO). The PEO is responsible to the DOA for all welfare matters of civilians.
  10. NDA Corps Members. The DOA on behalf of the Comdt puts up requests for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members after collating NYSC requirements from various Directorates, Departments and Schools within the Academy.  The AR generates these requirements and forward to the DOA.


Ser Rank Name From To Remarks
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)
1.      Capt(NN) MA    Davies Jan 84 Jan 86  
2.      Capt(NN) IS       Areola Jan 86 Jul 87  
3.      Capt(NN) I         Ogohi Jul 87 Jan 90  
4.      Capt(NN) GA    Shiyanbade Jan 90 Jan 92  
5.      Capt(NN) AO    Adefowora Jan 92 Feb 94  
6.      Capt(NN) AS     Olaleye Feb 94 Apr 96  
7.      Cdre SA     Olukoya Apr 96 Sep 98  
8.      Capt(NN) AI      Ebore-imi Sep 98 Aug 99  
9.      Capt(NN) M       Ajadi Sep 99 Aug 00  
10.       Capt(NN) II        Ibrahim Aug 00 Aug 01  
11.       Capt(NN) SO     Attath Aug 00 Dec 01  
12.       Cdre SO     Attah Dec 01 Jan 03  
13.       Capt(NN) EE      Ita Jan 03 Aug 03  
14.       Capt(NN) AS     Adebayo Dec 04 Jan 05  
15.       Cdre AS     Adebayo Dec 04 Jan 05  
16.       Capt(NN) KC     Opara        Jan 05 Dec 05  
17.       Cdre KC     Opara Dec 05 Jul 06  
18.       Capt(NN) AA    Sam Sele Jul 06 Jun 07  
19.       Capt(NN) OF     Oduyem Jun 07 Oct 07  
20.       Capt(NN) SH      Usman Oct 07 Dec 07  
21.       Cdre SH      Usman Dec 07 Jun 08  
22.       Capt(NN) BA     Nathus Jun 08 Dec 08  
23.       Cdre BA     Nathus Dec 08 Jun 09  
24.       Cdre AA    Dacosta Jun 09 Dec 10  
25.       Cdre UK     Ahmed Dec 10 Feb 12  
26.       Cdre Y        Hinna Mar 12 Aug 12  
27.       Cdre MM   Salami Aug 12 Jan 14  
28.       Cdre MB    Teidi Jan 14 Feb 14  
29.       Cdre WO   Kayoda Feb 14 Mar 14  
30.       Cdre ER      Yakubu Mar 14 Oct 15  
31.       Cdre MI      Lekwot Oct 15 Feb16  
32.       Cdre AM    Adegboyega Feb 16 Jul 17  
33.       Cdre ME     Ebe Jul 17 Nov 17  
34.       R Adm ME     Ebe Nov 17 Jan 18  
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)
35.       Cdre JE      Ake   Jan 18 Jun 20  
36.       Cdre AA    Adesope Jun 20 Nov 20  
37.       R Adm AA    Adesope Nov 20 Apr 21  
38.       Cdre AI      Saleh Apr 21 Feb 22  
39.       Cdre EN     Lamiri         Feb 22 3 Oct 22  
40.       Cdre MY    Dahiru 3 Oct 22   14 APR 23  
41.       Cdre DM     Ndanusa            14 APR 23 Till Date