Department of Physics

Dr Godwin Joseph Ibeh
Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics/ HOD
Department of Physics
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The Department of Physics was among the departments that were established in 1985, when the Nigerian Defence Academy was upgraded to a degree awarding institution. The department runs programmes leading to the award of BSc (Hons) and Postgraduate degrees in Physics. The objective of the programme is to produce military officers and fulfill Man power needs with a sound and broad knowledge in Physics as relevant to the Military and other sectors of the society. The officers produced by the department are expected to apply their knowledge of Physics in the technological advancement of the nations defence industry.
A commissioned officer with a sound and broad knowledge in Physics as relevant to the military and other sectors of the society. The officers produced by the department are expected to apply their knowledge of Physics in the technical advancement of the nation’s defence industry.
A commissioned officer with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Physics has the requisite knowledge to fit into different areas of military profession, such as Engineering, instrumentation, information and Communication Technology (ICT), Meteorology, Material Science, Electronics, etc. Such an officer can also pursue higher/professional degrees either in Physics or in any related field of study from only recognized institution both within and outside Nigeria. This versatility positions physics graduates in the Armed forces to take various roles in all the arms of the military – Army, Airforce and Navy.
Because of these diverse interests, the Physics programme has been designed to give a richer educational experience to cadets and graduate students in the Nigerian Defence Academy, and thus give insight into the fundamentals of the military and in modern warfare and industry. The research interest of the Radiation Physics, Solid state and computational Physics, Atomic Physics and Theoretical Physics etc. This is evident from the qualifications of the staff of the department.


To provide Cadets/Graduate students with a broad and balanced foundation of Physics knowledge and practical skills.


  1. To involve the Cadets/Graduate students in intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying physics.
  2.  To develop in Cadets/Graduate students ability to apply their knowledge.
  3.  To develop in cadets/Graduate students through an education in Physics, a range of transferable skills in Physics which may be relevant in other areas of human endeavor.


  1.  To instill in Cadets/Graduate students a sense of enthusiasm for physics and appreciation of its application in different contexts.
  2. To provide cadets with knowledge and skills for further studies in Physics or multi-disciplinary areas involving physics.


S/No Name Rank From To
1 Dr. EJ Uwah, PhD Senior Lecturer Sep 85 Aug 88
2 Mr. VN Udeh, M.Sc Lecturer I Sep 1988 Aug 1989
3 Dr. CO Adegoke, PhD            –           Senior Lecturer Sep 1989 Sep 1990
4 Dr. MN Agu, PhD    Senior Lecturer Oct 1990 Oct 1995
5 Col KO Ogunkoya, M.Sc Colonel Oct1995 Aug 1996
6 Mr. EF Oyidi, M.Sc               Lecturer I Aug 1996 Oct 1998
7 Asso. Prof MN Agu, PhD Assoc Prof Oct 1998 Oct 2000
8 Capt(NN) JJ Owonubi, M.Sc   Navy Captain Oct 2000 Aug 2001
9 Mr. CO Ibimidun, M.Sc Lecturer I Aug 2001 Sep 2002
10 Prof MN Agu, PhD Professor Oct 2002 Sep 2003
11 Dr. PO Akusu, PhD Senior Lecturer Oct 2003 Sep 2005
12 Mr. CO Ibimidun, M.Sc         Lecturer I Oct 2005 Sep 2006
13 Dr. PO Akusu, PhD Senior Lecturer Oct 2006 Sep 2007
14 Dr. MY Onimisi PhD          Senior Lecturer Oct 2007 Oct 2012
15 Dr H Ali, PhD Senior Lecturer Nov 2012 Oct 2015
16 Assoc Prof H Ali Assoc Prof Aug 2015 Nov 2015
18 Assoc Prof MY Onimisi      Assoc Prof Nov 2015 Oct 2017
19 Prof MY Onimisi                   Professor Oct 2017 Nov 2017
20 Dr GJ Ibeh                            Senior Lecturer Nov 2017 Date


  (b) (c) (d) (e)
  Prof MN Agu Male Professor  
  Prof MY Onimisi Male Professor  
  Prof H Ali Male Professor  
  Dr GJ Ibeh Male Assoc Prof/HOD  
  Dr JC Agomuo Male Senior Lecturer  
  Dr (Maj) RA Tafida Male Senior Lecturer  
  (Dr)RU Ugbe Male Contract staff  
  Dr Ige Olumide  O Male Lecturer II  
  Dr  JA  Owolabi Male Lecturer II  
  Dr C Akusu female Lecturer II  
  Mr AB  Bature Male Lecturer II  
  Maj AA Isiyaka Male Lecture II  
  Mr A Tukur Male Contract staff  
  Mr E Adoyi Male Adjunct Staff  
  Mrs Hauwau K Shuibu Female Asst Lect  
  Mr HG Muhammad Male Graduate Asst  


  Mr  DD Ishaya Male Chief Tech  
  Mr  SA Yusuf Male Asst Chief Tech  
  Mrs SL Usman Female Asst Chief Tech  
  Mr A Yusuf Male Senior Store Officer  
  Mrs A Ocheholunu Female Snr  Technician Offr  
  Mr Abdullahi Musa Male Asst C Comp Opr  
  Mr Daniel Ishaku Male HEO  
  Mr HT Dauda Male Technical Officer  
  Mr A Iban Male Senior Lab Asst Tech  
  Mr D Auta Male Tech Officer  
  Mr Jibrin Mohammad Male Executive Offr  
    Mrs MO Attang Male Lab Supervisor  
      Mrs DTO Salako Female H/Cleaner  
      Mrs Asabe Wakili Female H/Cleaner  
     Mrs E Ebiwarebo Female Cleaner I  
    Miss Grace Female    
   Miss Theresa  Female