Application for Admission into the Nigerian Defence Academy 74 Regular Course

Department of Biological Science

Head of Department of Biological Science
 Nigerian Defence Academy


The Degree programme of Biological Science in NDA commenced in October 1986 with a total of 31 cadets and academic staff. The Department started with Zoology and Botany. This was followed with the introduction of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biological warfare and Biotechnology in 1988, to reflect the requirements of the Nigerian Armed Forces. In 1989, the academic programme in the Department was expanded with the emphasis on Applied Biology in such areas as Parasitology, Hydrobiology, Plant Physiology, Virology, Bacteriology, Applied Biochemistry, Animal Physiology and Genetic Engineering.

As part of the requirement for obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, the Cadets are expected to carry out a final year research project to be defended before an External Examiner according to the NUC guidelines and regulations.

The Department produced the first set of graduates’ in1990. In 2005, the department commenced Postgraduate training at the M.Sc. and PhD levels. Currently the Department has a total of 25 Academic staff, 5 Visiting Lecturers and 18 non- Academic staff.


The mission of the Academy is to provide each officer cadet with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military, academic and character development. And at the Postgraduate level to provide and develop in the graduate students the in-depth analytic skills in enquiry, research and creativity to be able to tackle the inherent problems in security and development.

To achieve this objective, a well-equipped Military Biotechnology Research Centre is being established in the Department for the training of Cadets and for the conduct of cutting-edge research in DNA fingerprinting technology and Forensic Studies, Biosecurity and Biodefense.


The current visions of the Department of Biological Sciences are two-fold: the first is to produce well-trained officers in various applied aspects of Biological Sciences, such as Biodefense and Biosecurity which are driven by sound knowledge in Military Biotechnology. This is aimed at providing protective devices for officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces in combat fields in the areas of vaccine and drug developments, Biosensors, Nanobiotechnology, and Bio insulators. This is to meet the future challenges in the ever-evolving global biowarfare strategies.

The second vision is to develop unique and globally relevant postgraduate programs in various areas of Applied Biological Sciences. The aim of this focus is to produce M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduates for an effective contribution of the Academy’s quota towards realizing the nation’s goal of vision 20-20-20.


  1. Provide qualitative training in Biological Sciences.

  2. Provide officer cadets with an academic curriculum of study applicable to the operational needs of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  3. To produce officers who can explore and exploit indigenous natural resources through research and make meaningful contributions to society.

  4. To produce officers who are knowledgeable in diverse areas of Biological Sciences e.g Biodefense, Biosecurity, Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology.


The Department is headed by the Head of Department (HOD) who sees to the day to day running of the affairs of the Department. Members of the Academic Staff are in-charge of important functions, such as teaching cadets, conduct of examinations, registration of cadets, counselling, etc. 


1 Mr. MC Emere Oct 86 Apr 88
2 Dr. BA Abdullahi May 88 Sep 88
3 Mrs. EOB Olagunju Oct 88 Jun 89
4 Lt Col. SA Safoluwe Jul 89 Oct 89
5 Dr. EA Obot Oct 89 Sep 90
6 Dr. GJ Ebuakson Sep 90 Jul 92
7 Col. SA Safoluwe Jul 92 May 93
8 Flt Lt. SN Suleiman May 93 Dec 94
9 Sqd Ldr. SN Suleiman Jan 95 Oct 97
10 Prof. GJ Ebuakson Oct 97 Sep 98
11 Or. EC Kemdirim Oct 98 Oct 2000
12 Col( Dr). O Akinbuwa Oct 2000 Sep 2001
13 Dr. BC Onusirika Oct 2001 Oct 2002
14 Dr. DB Maikaje Oct 2002 Sep 2004
15 Dr. BC Onusirika Oct 2004 Sep 2007
16 Dr. GA Ajibade Oct 2007 Jan 2010
17 Dr. DB Maikaje Jan 2010 Dec 2011
18 Dr. YA Umar Dec 2011 Nov 2012
19 Dr. MS Abdulsalam Nov 2012 Sep 2014
20 Ass. Prof MS Abdulsalam Oct 2014 Nov 2017
21 Dr. PA Vantsawa Nov 17 Sep 2019
22 Dr. PA Vantsawa Oct 2019 Present


Academic Staff

Mathew Chika Emere Professor
Gabriel Adeboyega Ajibade Professor
Yahaya Abdullahi Umar Professor
Gb Onwumere Associate Professor
Joseph Appah Associate Professor
Dr. Mrs Victoria Moltong Yilwa Dan Senior Lecturer
Dm Dibal Senior Lecturer
Kb Dikwa Senior Lecturer
Mal Y Rabe Graduate Assistant
Isa Bashir Mato Graduate Assistant
Aisha Hilal Galadanchi Graduate Assistant
Rakiya Jafaru Graduate Assistant
Abdulkarim Him Madu Graduate Assistant