Rules and Regulations

General Rules

1.    Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping, fighting, noise making, use of
mobile phones are not permitted in the Library.
2.    Silence should be observed strictly in all designated areas.
3.    Do not write, underline, or cross anything in Library books.
4.    Do not shelve books consulted, they be left on the reading tables.
5.    Avoid cutting portions (mutilation) of Library books.
6.    Reservation of seats is not allowed.
7.    Leave all bags, briefcases, etc in the storage facilities provided in the Library. The Library will not accept responsibility for lose or misplacement of personal belongings.
8.    Punishing junior cadets in the Library is not allowed.
9.    Always show your files, books and bags to the staff at the exit door when leaving the Library.
10.    Lost or damaged Library materials should be reported to the Circulation Librarian.

Electronic Resources Rules

1.    Only computer literates are allowed to use computers.
2.    Do not use computers for the following:
    -    Playing games.
    -    playing music.
    -    Browsing phonographic sites.
3.    Do not install or uninstall any programme in computers.
4.    Do not send works for printing, contact a Librarian for that.
5.    Do not flash use drives, diskettes, CDs in the computer.

Loans Rules

1.    Only registered users are allowed to borrow books.
2.    Present your ID Card when you want to book books.
3.    Library materials borrowed must be returned on or before due date.
4.    Borrowers must settle overdue loans before they are allowed to borrow books again.

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