Library Departments

Divisions and Units

The library is divided into five divisions and sub-divided into 15 units in addition to NDA Museum/Archives:

    1.    Technical Services Division Units:
         a.    Collections Developments (Resource Management Services Unit)
         b.    Cataloguing and Classification Unit

    2.    Users’ Services Division Unit:
        a.    Users’ services unit
        b.    Reserve unit

    3.  ICT Division Unit:
       a.    E-Resources Unit
       b.    Technical Unit

    4.   Serials Division Unit:
    5.    Reference/Departmental Libraries Division Unit:
       a.    Reference Service Unit
       b.    Departmental Libraries Unit
       c.    Reprographic Unit
    6.     Museum/Archives Unit
    7.    Postgraduate School Library

Profile of the Commandant NDA

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