Library Services

Hours of Opening

The Main Library is open to users as follows:

a.    During the Semester
i.    Monday – Friday        -    0800hrs - 2200hrs
ii.    Saturday            -    1000hrs - 1800hrs
iii.    Sunday/Public Holidays        Closed

b.    PG Library
i.    Monday – Friday        -    0800hrs - 1400hrs
ii.    Saturday            -    1000hrs - 1600hrs
iii.    Sunday            -    Closed

c.    Faculty Libraries
i.    Monday – Friday        -    0800hrs - 1400hrs

d.    During Cadets Break
(Week days only)            -    0900hrs - 1800hrs

Admission to Use the Library

The following persons are eligible to use the Academy Library:
a.    All Cadets and Postgraduate Students of the Academy.
b.    Military Officers, Academic Staff, Senior Administrative and
Technical Staff.
c.    Any other person whose application has been approved by the


All Library users are to register once for the duration of their stay in the Academy. Users are allowed to use the Library before they are registered, but cannot borrow any information materials until such a person is registered. The procedure for registration and use of the Library are as follows:

a.    Readers register by filling in the appropriate registration forms and in the case of faculty members, by producing a letter of introduction form their Heads of Department after which they are issued with the necessary borrower/reader tickets. 

b.    All Library users should always have their tickets with them when using the Library as they may decide to borrow books.

c.    Users are expected to carry their identity card for the purpose of identification in the Library.


The following rules apply to borrowing of books or materials from the Library.

a.    No book may be removed from the Library until the Circulation
Unit at the Circulation Counter properly signs it out.

b.    Cadets can borrow up to 3 books at any time for a period of 2
weeks while lecturers, military officers and senior non-academic staff can borrow up to 5 books at any time for a period of 4 weeks.

c.    The loan of any book may be renewed for another period of 2
weeks or one month as the case may be, provided another reader has not reserved the book for use.


Books on loan to any reader may be recalled to the Library before the expiration of the loan. Such books must be returned to the Library at once, failing which the borrower may incur a fine after 2 days of recalling such books.

Return Books

Library users are to note the following rules on the return of borrowed books:

a.    Books should be returned on the day the loan expires. Failure to do so may incur appropriate sanction as may be determined by the Academy Librarian.

b.    All books borrowed and borrowing tickets by senior members of staff must be returned before they leave NDA on termination of appointment,

    retirement or transfer of service as the case may be. All final year cadets must return all Library books and borrowing tickets before they finally leave NDA.
Inter-Library Cooperation
Through an inter-library loan service, books not available in the Academy Library are borrowed from other Libraries for use by cadets and staff. In this regard, the Library collaborates mainly with Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State. University and other Libraries such as the Kaduna Polytechnic, the National Library Kaduna, the Kaduna State Library Board as well as Arewa Kauna.

The Academy Library has an e-library with     computers connected to the Internet from which users can surf the web for online resources.

The Library is presently computerizing its resources with about 90% completion using liberty software.

The Library has also embarked on digitization of its archival and museum resources.

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